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'Three Generations Are Living Under One Roof'
The Death Of The American Middle Class by Journeyman Pictures

It's about time the Middle Class died—the whole economic construct is a cultural negation matrix.

Thank God that the corpse of Europe has been stripped of flesh and the tears of Japan have run dry, for this zombie nation of ours has feasted on the bone pile of nations heaped up from 1914-45 and finally, as of 2008, has known hunger at long last.

What a sick nation, where cooking one's own food, living with children and grandchildren and not buying new closes "as often as you like," are considered moral disasters!

The best aspect of the death of the middle class, I see as follows:

-young minds will stop being ruined in college

-families might return as an economic unit to replace the atomized individual

-municipal governments might fail

-suburban complaisance shall wane

-people might stay in neighborhoods where they were born rather than moving every 10 years

-elderly recycling centers might close and permit elders to live with their loved ones

Yesterday I read a biography of Benjamin Franklin by Thomas Day Esq., who had a posthumous debate in the last third of the book against the late doctor's pamphlet for recruiting young British immigrants, concerned with the fact that nuclear family homesteading was destined to fail—one blamed Mercantilism and one blamed natural resource ceilings.

Both arguments predicted our current economy with exactitude.

The "core American values" of "making millions" guaranteed paid leisure, guaranteed vacations, all stem from this nation's bizarre, greedy economic model of ever-accelerating, limitless, lineal growth with diminishing effort.

From William Bradford, to Thomas White, to Increase Mather, to Benjamin Franklin, to the whining sissies and bitches of a decadent postmodern society, the ideal of America was built on the old puritan admonishment, adapted from Genesis, to despoil the natural world by building as many houses as possible, removing trees and making way for livestock feed, while seeking one and all to live like a prince on a peasant's parcel as the world becomes a desert.

The death of an economic race is upon us and might just save our souls.

The second documentary offers a reality check to the first.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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