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Mad World 10/20/17
Radio Free Dindustan Reports

Teens get nine years in jail for 'horrific, brutal and callous' torture of friend

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Looks like she was baked on some of Colorado’s mucho potent legal weed, eh?

Woman Arrested After Attempting To Shoot Squirrel At Coffee Shop

Florida man kills mom's friend for pursuing his imaginary girlfriend

Her lucky day!

Wisconsin man pulled trigger at mom’s head, but gun didn’t fire, charges say

His pistol failed to discharge a few times — and that saved the life of a western Wisconsin woman after a confrontation with her son, police say.

Omar Martinez, 25, of New Richmond, allegedly was set on killing his mother, because “the only way he could move forward in his life was to end hers,” officers said.

According to St. Croix County Circuit Courts documents:

Omar MartinezOmar Martinez

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

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