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The Real Crime is Getting Caught
A Radio Free Dindustan Military Special Report

Apparently the Colonel didn’t realize that the clean, healthy looking street whores are all undercover policewomen. Doah!

Unfortunately he isn’t the first senior military officer to get caught in a prostitution sting. I personally was informed on good authority of a case where an Army Lieutenant Colonel was arrested for soliciting whores while in uniform and driving a military van no less.

So should we all be concerned that our military officers are soliciting prostitutes? No, not really. To paraphrase Kipling, soldiers don’t grow into plaster saints. What we should be concerned about is that some of our military leaders are getting snared in such obvious ambushes. It’s just like in ancient Sparta, the real crime is getting caught.

Well the military solution to such deficiencies is always extra training, isn’t it? So for starters everyone reread “Left of Bang”. It might help keep your mug shot out of the newspaper. LOL!

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