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'A Great Johnny Cash Impression'
87 Year Old 'SnowKing Of Cuckin' Postal Worker Proven To Have Fathered Over 1300 Kids! #iShitUNot TNNRaw2

"Mamma's baby is daddy's maybe!"

Tommy makes this an abortion argument, which was very responsible.

But I would rather invoke The Khan, patriarch of 200 million!

This dude was white!

Where the average black drug dealer only has 9 bastards, the work ethic of this paleface postal worker permitted him to father 1300—plus!

Now, that is white supremacy.

As a lady friend of mine, who was apprised of this situation said, "Oh, he had a hell of a lot more going on than Johnny Cash!"

The second video ends with a clinic on ebonic naming traditions.

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

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KoanicOctober 22, 2017 12:44 AM UTC

Fake news.
responds:October 22, 2017 6:20 PM UTC