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In Defense of Flogging, and Torture
and Cruel and Unusual Punishments By Professor X

Look, philosophers have defended all sorts of shit, like nothing in the common-sense world exists because basic physics says that all that exists are sub-atomic particles (which are observationally dependent via quantum mechanic making the whole show ontologically circular), and even weirder shit. All this and more bullshit funded by your taxes.

Nothing racist though, no sir. None of these so-called followers of Socrates would dare delve into the depths which we do. Sissies, sure, but libtard wankers, definitely. I just hate these cunts as much as feminists and queer studies creatures.

We have this little hot book:

It is a spirited defense of the use of flogging to punish criminals. Flogging is cheap and gets results. Prisons are just breeding grounds for all matters of socially deleterious diseases. Flogging cuts through the crap, literally.

Flogging, as I see it, must be brutal and terrifying, taking the scumbag to the point of death. Skin needs to be peeled from the body as one would peel an apple. It must be a living agony, and for public terror purposes performed in public, as it was in the good old days, pre-libtardism.

Why stop there? Even for murder and rape, maybe the answer is not to put the felon away in a cage and feed them, but to put them out of action for all time. Rapists could not only be castrated, but could have their penises removed. Perhaps murderers, who are not simply executed, may be mutilated by Medieval torture techniques, having eyes burnt out by red hot pokers, arms and legs surgically removed. An example would be made to others. Thieves, of course, can have hands amputated. No, we are not copying ISIS, because we Europeans did all this and more, before the plague of modernity.

All I am saying, is give savagery a chance:

“when you talk abut destruction… don’t you know that you can count me …(in).”

Wait, now I am really getting into the fucking spirit of this. Maybe we just follow the new great god, China, and just harvest organs from wrong-doers? Instead of executions and burial, simply dissemble the murderer and use the organs for people really needing them, such as those seeking kidneys. If fact, a visit to prison would be all that much more homely if some organs were removed during the stay, such as kidneys. Repeat offenders would not repeat again. And, just in case you think that I am cruel, well, here is how they do it in China, so how could it be wrong? After all, there are no protests by antifa/Leftoids about anything China does, is there? China is the new light of morality, isn’t it?

All of these programs of removal of bodily parts can be done in the town square, as it was done in the good old days, back in the Dark Ages. Ah, the Dark Ages…

Human rights? Fuck that! Anyway, once the global system breaks down, people will need to decide on the laws to live by, rather than having such laws imposed upon them. And we will get all of these good things, and more. Yeah, Michal Foucault, there is fucking “thanatopolitics” for your AIDS-ridden corpse:

“In sum, then, it is incontestable that Foucault went to the bathhouses regularly and became involved in the S/M games played there among the "leather" crowd. But it is a vicious libel that he ever sought to infect other people.”

Turd America

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