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Taking a Shine
Big Ron Trains His White Devil Peepers on the Next Ebonic Martial Arts Star


James, I don't know what the hell this chick is doing, but I'm going to treat her to a 40 oz of steel reserve.

-Big Ron

Big Ron, although I agree that there is nothing quite like being able to reach around your lady's lithe waist and set your malt liquor on her rumble seat, might I remind you of what happened to me at 21 seconds into this video when I showed up at this bitch's door with a forty of Colt 45.

The Jamaican Assassin/Seductress is an island girl, she requires combustible social lubricant.

Learn from your elders, son!

That said, big guy, based on the second video below, she seems to have the same negative street orientation towards the common dindu as you do.

Seriously, this chick looks almost exactly like the last girl I saw Oliver with before his recent disappearance.

Be careful!

Vampire note:

Dude, in case this bitch is the next Grace Jones, bring a zip-tie and zip those two earrings together in front of her mouth so she can't get at you with those fangs.

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BobOctober 24, 2017 2:25 AM UTC

Great hair.