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Ethnosuicide or Renaissance?
By William Rapier

Pierre Krebs, Fighting for the Essence: Western Ethnosuicide or European Renaissance, (Arktos, London, 2012), was originally published in German in 1997. Krebs was one of the founders of the European New Right organisation GRECE, which aimed for a “metapolitical” rebirth of Europe and the European peoples.

Unlike the standard gruel of White nationalist stuff, Krebs went straight to the throat and put the blame on Judeo-Christianity as being responsible for the White Western disease, as Judeo-Christianity supplied the metaphysical framework under which all of this shit operates. As Tomislav Sunic says in the preface to the book: “What is the point of attacking one’s opponents while adorning oneself with words, epithets, and signifiers whose entire conceptual arsenal is traceable directly to belief systems that originate from other traditions, including those which preach the gospel of racial and cultural promiscuity for all peoples on Earth?” (p. 14) Following an alien religion, egalitarian, monocentric and monotheistic, was sure to lead White Europeans to the brink of extinction, “the levelling catastrophe towards which a one-dimensional planetary civilisation is ineluctably leading.” (p. 22) It is a slow virus that this time is killing us:

The answer is a return to our pre-Christian European roots, helped by racial and economic/ecological/political chaos/collapse. Krebs cites with approval Nietzsche’s remarks in The Anti-Christ, that “Christianity which sprung from Jewish roots and can only be understood as a plant that has come from this soil, represents the counter-movement to every morality of breeding, race, or privilege – it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence.” Krebs takes this further: “The universalist vocation of biblical monotheism, and the fundamentally messianic nature that results from it, find their natural extension in the inflated ethnocentrism of a West that only transposes, once again, the secularised messianism of human rights and egalitarian universalism that the lay-emissaries of the New World Order are determined to impose on all the peoples of the Earth.” (p 43) globalism is Christianity on steroids and growth hormone.

Christianity today in the West is fading in importance, having produced a mutant zombie liberal monster; on the argument that Christianity gave us liberalism see Larry Siedentop, Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism,” (2014):

He thinks that this is all good, while we see it as a fucking disaster.

I believe that it is still necessary to pound away at Christianity, as well as its secular contemporary forms, since it is possible that after the collapse, when materialism is destroyed, people may fall back into the Christian abyss. The time to end it for all time, is now. Then there is a chance, for “as long as the heredity qualities of the race remain present, the strength and audacity of his forefathers can be resurrected in the modern man by his own will.” (p.91)

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BobOctober 23, 2017 9:08 PM UTC

The State replaced God in the 20th century. Maybe you didn't get the news.