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Puerto Rico goes Mad Max
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Materialism Update.

“I am opposed to millionaires... But it would be dangerous to offer me the position.”

- Mark Twain

“The accumulation of wealth is a process which is of itself morally neutral. True, as Christianity teaches, riches bring temptations. But then so does poverty.”

- Margaret Thatcher, Statecraft P. 430

“The best thing you can do for the poor is not become one.”

- Reverand ‘Ike’, Television Evangelist

Funny! So true too.

New Study Finds You’d Love Being Rich Asshole

Race War Update.

“Pacifism means letting the non-pacifists have control ... Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact. If the white races are resolved never to wage war again, the colored will act differently and become rulers of the world.”

•Oswald Spengler, German Historian and Philosopher, 1880 – 1936

FBI Warns of Black Identity Extremism – Here’s what it looks like – Colin Flaherty

A Tsunami of Public Housing About to hit Cat 5 – Colin Flaherty

Public housing will be spread all over Maryland. What could go wrong?

Black Identity Extremists”–NYT Is Spitting Mad That Trump’s FBI Understands Sapir-Whorf

By Steve Sailer

Murderbowl Update.

2nd Shooting At VA School In A Week. Why? It’s A “Historically Black” School–And These Things Happen

Murderbowl Update.

Location, location , location! The ‘magic dirt' theory in reverse.

“The fact that life expectancy in Baltimore’s poorest ZIP codes is about 20 years shorter than in the richest ones, Ms. Theodore says, “is certainly not the result of ‘bad choices’ on the part of poorer residents, but is the direct result of earlier planning decisions. So, yes, space matters, and sometimes it is being used as a weapon.”

This Is What You Are Supposed to Believe in 2017: The Death Toll In Baltimore Comes From Zoning

Designing a More Inclusive City

Murderbowl Update.

In 2017 St. Louis–A 49% Black/43% White City–99% Of Homicide Suspects Black

Race War Update.

“`You Samoans are all the same,` I told him. `You have no faith in the essential decency of the white man`s culture.`”

•Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson`s

“Why didn’t the cameras change behavior? Because there really isn’t a Sinister White Male Conspiracy to brutalize angelically innocent black bodies?”

Doah! The cultural Marxists experience another narrative collapse. It appears American law enforcement as an institution is NOT plotting the wholesale slaughter of young black men. In fact it appears that not only are the cops NOT killing black men ‘for no reason at all’, but that the cops are largely forced into reacting to the situations that suspects put them in (See the video below of the attempted suicide by cop in Orem, Utah for an example). Ah, but the cops have murder and racism in their hearts and that’s what counts, isn’t it? That is what has been guiding public policy at every level to date and doubtless will continue so long as the Left has a firm grip on the media megaphone. If the body cameras fail to confirm the Leftist bias, by gosh we’ll just have to keep looking until we uncover the systemic racism, won’t we?

By the way, check out the article below on ‘Race and Medical Care’ written by a nurse in a hospital cardiac unit. Fascinating! It discusses the apparent inability of blacks in the aggregate to follow instructions and abide by ‘white people’s rules’ even in a medical setting. And of course if black heart patients have a lower survival rate than white heart patients because the whites follow the doctor’s advice and blacks do not, it’s ‘racism’, isn’t it? It tracks with the difficulty blacks are experiencing in their interactions with the police, principally because of an inability to abide by rules and follow instructions (and not be confrontational to boot). It means that blacks come to the attention of the police more often for violations of the law. Especially unforced errors like not paying traffic tickets, driving with a suspended license, failing to appear in court when summoned, smoking dope in public and so on. Clearly many of the ‘white’ rules of deportment that govern our society make no sense at all to many black people. Much like the U.S. Army’s rules about not carrying an umbrella or walking with your hands in your pockets while in uniform make no sense to many whites. What does this portend for the future of the country if blacks and whites cannot see eye to eye on what is the proper way to behave in so many situations? Well the cultural Marxists who constantly keep bring these issues to the fore want to stir up disagreement and strife so they can make the radical changes to the country they want to see made, and they have been hugely successful.

Police Body Cameras Don’t End Epidemic of “Police Racist Killings.” Why Not? Because It Was A Fraud All Along.


Disturbing body camera shows suspect pulling gun on Orem officers

Race and Medical Care

Apocalypse Update. A SHTF preview?

Puerto Rico goes Mad Max in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. PR was bankrupt before Maria, and the now the island’s entire electric grid will be down for who knows how long. What’s next?

“More than a month after Hurricane Maria wrecked the island, Puerto Rico’s overwhelmed police force of 13,000 officers is struggling to contain crime, just as before — but now with longer shifts, against emboldened criminals and on streets cloaked in darkness.”

“It’s easier to burglarize — there’s no alarms, no phone systems. It’s dark. The delinquents are taking advantage of the crisis that Puerto Rico is in,” said Puerto Rico Police Officer Heriberto Soto, during a night patrol Tuesday that included calls for a robbery shooting, homeless men torching the outsides of stolen cables to steal the copper inside and and a high-speed car chase of suspected gunmen.”

“And the future for law enforcement on the island is bleak. The department has lost about 4,000 officers in the past five years and, because of the island’s economic crisis, cannot count on fresh recruits anytime soon. Hundreds of U.S. Army soldiers, outside law-enforcement officers and private security guards are helping — temporarily — but robberies, murders and drug dealing have resumed at levels that would seem outrageous in mainland states but are tragically normal here.”

FYI: as in many U.S. ‘blue’ states, civilian gun ownership is severely restricted in the territory of Puerto Rico limiting the ability of the average citizen to defend his life and property against the virulent crime on the Island. (Gun Laws in Puerto Rico):

Witness, Jessica Rojas, talks about a Subway restaurant robbery where a state prosecutor, his girlfriend and the suspect were shot in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. AL DIAZ

On the streets of San Juan, police struggle to rein in crime after Hurricane Maria

"It's A Mad Max Situation" - Puerto Rico Doctors Practice Medicine In 'Post-Apocalyptic' Conditions

Puerto Rico Reminds Us All Why Gun Rights Are so Important

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

Narco Night Train Kindle Edition

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PROctober 23, 2017 11:08 PM UTC

Why does anyone live in Maryland? There is poetic justice in the spread of black Section 8ers though. All of the Maryland government employees/libs are going to get the diversity they crave. Meanwhile the blacks are being pushed aside for the "Asians," which probably means, "Muslim Arabs, Pakis, and South Asians". Koreans definitely don't live in public housing.