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The Courtship and Marriage of Bozo L’Dodo
Pages 57-60 of Napi Mephisto by Ron West

The paradox of ‘Jewels Misogyny’, the psychic clash between the hemispheres of the western culture’s divorced mind and resultant cognitive dissonance that comes of western women hating themselves, having become psychologically male for purpose of egalitarian competition in paternal civilization that historically and presently demands women are dirty and inferior… a ‘no wins ever for women’ culture… these women suffer from ‘acquired ego- priapism syndrome’ as a matter of survival Pompositee Succubus met her ‘umteenth’ husband, Bozo L’Dodo, while visiting the the Museum of the American Indian in New York

Bozo, engaged in litigation over ancient bones, was attempting mediation by giving an informative presentation to this museum on the idea advances in phrenology had served to reveal the origins of race with the study of Kennewick Man’s skull. Bozo had a theory he wished to advance in Anthropology, that Kennewick Man was in fact White

Pompositee was intrigued that phrenology had indicated Kennewick Man was a White Man, because she was a White Supremacist of the sort discovered in the wealthy Republicans of the Religious Right

It would be a Marriage made in Hell

By this time Bozo would marry anything that would look at him twice, as his reputation with truly intelligent women in intellectual circles was buried somewhere in the basement of Dante’s inferno. Bozo’s eternal frat party brain could not help his reputation with intelligent women, as he attempted to convince the Indians at the museum Kennewick Man in fact should pose no interest to them at all because he had the skull of a nine thousand year old Whiteman. Bozo’s argument should have sufficed: He’s a Whiteman, end of story. Phrenology has proved it. You Indians should leave it alone and go back to your wigwams or I’ll sue

The Indians might have rolled their eyes, but were otherwise polite. Bozo accordingly believed he had made his point

Pompositee liked Bozo’s simple and to the point approach. She asked Bozo out to lunch

A month later they were married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. When they set up house and Bozo moved in his looted artifact collection of dead Indians together with Pompositee Succubus-L’Dodo, the dead Indians woke up and freaked out. Bozo’s skin crawled and he had no idea why. He only realized he was in sudden total fear and under the control of the woman he lived with and was unable to ever know himself as a man again

Bozo, though seeming alive, had gone out of existence for all practical purposes. He never called his old frat friends. He did not party. He had his phone number changed and unlisted. He stopped going out of doors. Bozo had vanished

Pompositee was fine with all of it. She had a husband that was not leaving, and that made her socially respectable as a right wing Christian. That the marriage would not consummated did not bother her in the least. Because now she could advance her career. Pompositee only cared for herself

Having been principal of a large public school she had run into the ground because she had no skills whatsoever when it came to either Human Relations or Administration, Pompositee had been offered the ultimate government reward for getting herself out of the way: a large severance or buyout package to ‘quietly resign for personal reasons’ and a letter of high recommendation to her next school if she would agree never to use the letter for future employ in that particular state’s public schools sector. It was the only way to get rid of an incompetent public servant belonging to the powerful teachers union

Then opportunity knocked on Pompositee’s door

The Kopaaka community’s right wing republican illuminati wished to take advantage of the new state charter law to establish an exclusive school for their children because the children of ‘the good families’ deserved better than the typical public schools. These people were not rich on account of having been overly generous and this reflected in their utilizing the state charter law to realize their long time dream of a private, White Christian school which had been cost prohibitive due to start up costs in capital outlay

Using the State Charter to realize this dream could be an expeditious manner to avoid the small matter of not wanting to put their own millions out of pocket to realize this dream, a multiple felony approach. But this should not pose a problem, because the right wing Christian republican illuminati were never troubled with obeying laws that did not suit them: because they answered to a higher authority

These were the biblical ‘New Jews’ of Saint Paul, a superior and perfected in God’s sight Race of Whites who did not answer to the secular authorities according to Saint Paul’s directive they were to be ‘in this world, but not of this world.’ They were obeying scripture by devising an illegal scheme to separate the children of ‘the good families’ from the secular White trash, Indians, non-White Hispanics and Blacks in the greater surrounds of their neighborhood

The secular authorities would not be a problem because in this republican dominated area of the state, they controlled the secular authorities. A Republican State Senator resided in their community and the County Sheriff was an elected republican as well

And so the ‘Ann Coulter School of Socratic Philosophy’ came into being. Now they could pass off many of the costs for starting the school on the unsuspecting state and other parties by acquiring largesse in the form of grants and waivers: and put the rest of the financial burden as much as possible on the surrounding community which need at best be represented with a handful of minority students

By posing as a secular Socratic Philosophy inspired State Charter school, they would attract the brightest imaginable minds to teach their children. This would be augmented by the large pool of applicants who wanted out of the crime and drug infested mainstream public schools, they would be able to pick and choose as they drained the best brains away from elsewhere

These teachers could then be winnowed to a group that would support the closet Christian agenda over time, by keeping tight control and oversight of new staff and simply not renewing the contracts of those less than properly conservative teachers, or any teachers who were too inquisitive or less than submissive (especially any women that were less than submissive to men, that was scriptural) when they had reached the end of their probationary period. This would require some staff turnover for awhile, but would eventually bring together the proper Christian teaching cadre they sought. God’s chosen would rule

Any unwanted staff, those that fell through the cracks of this vetting scheme, could be driven out by loading them with responsibilities out of proportion to the responsibilities assigned to the other staff which would breed both resentment and burnout. A premium would be placed on retaining White Hispanics, to give the look of racial diversity on paper, but not giving their color away

Systematic psychological terror, unwarranted demotions through disciplinary letters placed in the teachers records and assigning work demands constituting harassment, would be employed towards any staff which crossed the line of absolute control by administration. This system had an optional element of extra-administrative applied stress: “Extraordinary Self-Determination” included psychotropic poisons with induced paranoia, if need be, murder

This systematic terror was devised for the illuminati by a retired from the CIA killer who was invited to apply for and was granted a teaching position because of his stellar credentials as a retired consular official of the State Department. His was again an undercover role. Spy and report. And eventually, that role grew to being assigned to psychologically terrorizing and finally setting out to murder anyone who came too close to discovering the inner circle illuminati role in the multiple felonies ongoing at the school

What in fact had been created was the Rabbit Warren from Watership Down, the Warren where nearly all the rabbits either lived in denial or otherwise dared not speak of the deadly snares set throughout their environment

Pompositee was perfect to figurehead this environment. She could not screw up the administrative work, that was all taken care of for her. All she need do was patrol the halls, feel important and look smart to the community… and listen to the concerns of the parents of ‘the good families’ when she attended church

It was church where Pompositee discovered which staff and students were cool and which staff and students were not. And ‘not’, was not tolerated. Like Buddhists and Blacks and dirty Mexicans, not to mention Indians. A ‘good Christian’ parent’s complaint to Pompositee at church made a ‘good Christian’ parent’s concerns go away like magic

Pompositee was the perfect pseudo-male figurehead leader, a woman who behaved like a man and carried out a male monotheistic religion’s rules in the state sector as though born to the role. The women at the school hated Pompositee who treated them like dirt. And hated themselves for subjecting themselves to her

The men worked around her, stroking Pompositee’s male ego was the way to go, this nearly always worked for the men. No problem. Meanwhile, Bozo had stayed in his room

Love in Reverse

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