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The Black Door Clan
Pages 61-63 of Napi Mephisto by Ron West

Napi had been invited to give a presentation to a group at the University in Bamberg My clan is the now extinct Black Door Clan. A clan becomes extinct when there is no longer a community sustaining their traditions. I witnessed this extinction in my lifetime with the dying out of the Blackfeet language and the associated Oral Histories. According to linguistics, a language become dead when the children no longer speak that language. I concur. In the case of the Blackfeet language, the last widely fluent generation I had met as a young man, the generation preceding my age group, is now gone or leaving this world. Almost none of today's children speak the language

I am but a faint echo of the Black Door past but nonetheless I do know a few things The anthropologist would depict the ancient Black Door lineage as having painted their lodge (tipi) doors black but they could not tell you why. Nor would they know or be able to explain why people did not step in front of a Black Door in motion, that is a man of this clan who was traveling or moving with a purpose

The Black Doors were 'High Practitioners' of the Native American "Law of Non-Interference"

The Rules for a Black Door practicing the Law of Non-Interference are:

1) No one can know what to expect

2) Never lie to yourself

3) Practice invisibility

4) No fear

5) Paradox is in everything

The paradox of the Black Door: The tremendous danger of psychically assaulting a Black Door had been born from the Black Door's psychologically androgynous practice of a hyper-rational kindness in chaos (without fear)… and to plot against or otherwise (such as an act of ignorance) undermine the Black Door practice of kindness was to meet with unspeakable involuntary consequence: for any Black Door foe or any micro-cosmic world which arouses the greater cosmic realm's wrath by forcefully polluting a Black Door's kindness with the projected violence of ego Projecting the violence of ego underlie the Blackfoot proverb "Everyone knows the Whiteman is crazy"

Children can see monsters. Black Doors could see monsters in one of the dimensions of the Spirit World. Here is vision of a cosmic monster you will meet in my essays, and in fact most people meet in everyday life in the western world, one of the monsters ruling western civilization:

'Napi opened a circle from top down and listened through the apature he had created, into a dark grotto with only torch light, and, where it seemed only men gathered. He heard a voice in monotone with the soft echos such as might be heard in the acoustically constructed cathedrals with a person talking to one's self and otherwise empty. Turning his head, ear away from the opening, so he could peer inside, Napi recognized the personality from the school, Ego Priapism, and was mesmerized at the sight of this monster, his lingam fully erect stemming from the place his nose should have been, scrotum encased testicles moving against his mouth as he spoke, having to pause to catch his breath while breathing through his mouth in a soft pant, with fecallike, elongated tongue pushing aside his balls, allowing air to pass the rectal lips, herpes sores showing, beginning where the pubic beard thinned at the base of his perpetually erect shaft, his eyes peering out from either side. Shifting his gaze, Napi subsequently beheld Priapism separate into the 'Trinity' of alpha male teachers:

Vance, Jack and Marcus in their normal appearance… seated together at lunch in the school's 'staph' lounge'

The above described monster, translated to western ideation, is a negative photographic portrait, or one could say a sort of mental kirlian image of an energy behavior or meme perpetrated in the western world's education, whether at home or in school, it is the unseen ego-self behaviors of a mono-sexual mentality in men, whether straight or gay

This energy is seen by children and in order not to be frightened in western culture, because this monster is a cultural or ruling energy (meme) who is ever present in the child's surroundings, the child must learn denial of this aspect of reality

Children don't like violence. Black Doors don't like violence and practiced protecting themselves against it and taught children how to make bad dreams go away

In the modern western world ruled by monsters (memes or unrestrained mentalities) however, the children do not culturally learn effective immunities to negative energies and life itself has become the bad dream in which they must participate. In one way or another, too often these kids who were victims became the victimizer. Learning denial breeds the future monsters. This is the consequence or side effect of a cultural norm necessary to the creation and perpetration of ego

Children have invisible friends. Most Indians had positive 'invisible friends' translated (into moralizing western concept) as 'Spirits.' But in the modern world, when denial is learned to avoid seeing the monsters, the child also loses the ability to access friendly, positive and protective, healing and loving energies

These kids consequently do not possess an important avenue to safety, because they had learned denial based in fear. Therefore when the monster incarnates in a sense of human behaviors in their experience, the children easily become victims, they fall prey to threats and injuries of ego associated with guilt or shame. As their life journey becomes more and more a walled in world of self-reflections in glass, with the artificially inculcated ego through praise and punishment rather than, or more so than, adults modeling ethics which are not fear based, the kids learn to see themselves more and the reality surrounding them less

Children learn living in denial from adults. Just as Indians have become involuntarily assimilated to the ego of the Western world, forcefully educated out of their language and associated cultural concepts


Going to Rule 2 of the Black Door Law of Non-Interference, the greater the consequence delivered to the westerner for violating the rule ‘never lie to yourself’ (by living in denial) in relation to the violence of projecting ego, the greater the fear the westerners engender in themselves—resulting in projecting greater violence of ego still, only to see greater consequence yet again… to the point of witnessing their self world image as a collective consequence in destruction surrounding them

The Black Door law of non-interference should require ‘practice invisibility’ (Rule 3) wherein a warrior witness without succor people suffering the violence of projected ego, which can only finally consume the world on behalf of those who will not abandon their violence, but then there ‘can be an exception to any rule’ (Rule 5)

Love in Reverse

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