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'Inhabitants of Paradise'
Muslim Vikings Exposed: The Money & Propaganda Behind the Lie: Red Ice TV

This is where I like Red Ice Radio the most, on the cusp of science and politics. Current science is generally focused on invalidating ethnically European folks, so this phony "science" news makes a good platform between both of the Red Ice wheel houses: science applied to history and prehistory and current cultural negation and emasculation.

Thus was a nicely done piece.

The important thing to remember is that we are currently living in an age of negation and that every item of news which gets traction with traditional news sources is intended to erase your cultural heritage.

Of Lions and Men

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Nero The PictOctober 25, 2017 5:23 PM UTC

When I first read of this finding I thought maybe it was just a fragment of further evidence of the Viking Middle Eastern/Muslim slave trade. No deeper meaning than that. Fashion etc. crosses cultures. Be it whiteboys trying to be ghetto fabulous or Roman teens adopting the look of the barbarian tribes. Just because Olaf wanted a silk tunic that Idris the slave trader wore...doesnt mean much. If in fact this story isnt the fabrication that Henrik has done a masterful job at spotlighting.