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The Hat Man
An Original Baltimore Character Discusses the NFL

What really got me was when they kneeled in England and then stood for the Queen's anthem. These negroes don't think everything through and they're very reactionary. Trump pissed them off. This was against Trump. I don't think he should have called them SOBs. But with what people suffered for that flag the players went over the edge.

I really try not to be a racist, but these people refuse to cleanup their own house. These blacks in the NFL, why don't the get with the police commissioner and protest these young blacks killing young blacks. You give a black an inch they want to miles.

The bottom line is they are just so damned stupid, that league, the hen that laid their golden egg, is financed by white people spending their money. Blacks do not buy those seats and the Baltimore Ravens play a bad brand of football—league wide they've changed too many of the rules and its become a bad product.

A buddy of mine is done, does not use his season tickets.

Three of his friends are trying to sell and nobody wants to buy.

Ticket sales for next year will be abysmal.

You've got a guy in Seattle is getting paid 11 million a year and is saying he's a slave—the one involved in the shooting in the casino as a running bystander. I'd like to see him make 11 million in the real world.

I still follow the Ravens, but it's painful being the hand that feeds them getting cut off.

The Hat Man is packing up his hats.

I haven't bought a piece of apparel all year and refuse to wear my Ravens hats.

Now the players want to have black awareness month—Jesus Christ, the already have black history month.

That might be it for me—one more bullshit media storm about how everything is all my fault for being white and I'm out of here.

For now I still follow the team out of habit, but I won't buy another ticket or another thread of apparel. To being with, the NFL and the NBA are commercialized charity for black knuckleheads. If it goes away is it such a bad thing?

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