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'The Trump Shrug'
Rules for Rationalists: Out-Alinsky the Snowflake Monopoly

'Not A Relevant Document', the last line in the prologue, really woke me up—Rip Vanwinkle-like—to how good The Black Pigeon has become. I love the new militant apocalyptic pigeon.

The various rules of Alinsky that the Black Pigeon flips are all good, but the big one is money. Leftists are more materialistic than Rightests. Just boycott the toxic platforms like the NFL and watch them fall, as the left produces ZERO.

Vote with your wallet.

Point number 2 is the inability of the left to Meme, or creatively criticize. Please recall, in the darkening near future, that the enemy has not a poet among them.

Goad, irritate and spur.

Love in Reverse

Turd America

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BobOctober 25, 2017 8:25 PM UTC

Excellent advice, as usual.