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'To Take on the World of Men'
Crackpot Podcast Halloween Ep 12 James LaFond

I really like the entry music that Lynn selected for the podcasts.

As for this reprobate she's talking to?

What's a woman who can enunciate in two languages doing talking to this mush-mouthed goon?

Oh, I get it, she thinks I'm black—givin' a brutha a break!

Yeah, I can work with that!

Hey, white lady, you got some leftovas in dat big white frigarator?

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Lili HunOctober 25, 2017 8:19 PM UTC

There’s a kids cartoon movie called “Open Season” which uses this same idea of animals getting revenge on people, like the three of you put together. Come to think of it, watch it with Ishmael over whiskey next time you’re up there. It involves a deer also along with another animal. Maybe men and whiskey produce good kids comedy also.