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Podcast Plans 10/26
Preview to the Soft Interrogation of a Knucklehead

James, I am thinking about a more wide ranging conversation for the coming week.

I will ask you about your father and about your sons, relative to the advice you gave on raising daughters. I want to know how you mentally prepare people, whether it is a fighter you are coaching, or your son or daughter.

People are really concerned about concussions these days. You can talk about what it means to get knocked out and whether boxing or other combat arts always have to be about the knock out.

One theme I have noticed in your Harm City writing is that you frequently revise your assessment of the behaviors you observe. The Freddie Gray purge represented a flash point for behavioral changes in the predator-prey relationship, but the changes continue through the present. Many people have trouble noticing or accepting changes and this leads them into big trouble. How do you avoid this trap of getting stuck in an outdated mindset?

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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