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The Belligerent Confederate States of Appalachia
The Crackpot Podcast Episode 13 with LaFond & Lockhart

Many thanks to John Paul Barber for the inspiration for this episode!

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In preparing this episode, it dawned on me that my carefully timestamped show notes in the last episode were probably off by 25 seconds or so, because I may have added the intro track after I took the notes, maybe. I can't remember and I am not going to check. But I will do it right this time.


0:01:05 James' Myth of 20th Century podcast appearance

0:01:24 Lynn reads quote from John Paul Barber

0:03:30 James recounts his experiences in Appalachia, and using that setting in fiction

0:07:33 James discusses keeping Appalachia out of the future Peoples' Republic of African North America

0:08:25 James tells some of the history of the Scots-Irish people

0:10:23 White Indians

0:12:37 James Watt Raine, The Land of Saddle-Bags, or Saddlebag Folk

0:15:30 James LaFond the White Devil adviser to the ghost of Nathan Bedford Forrest

0:17:15 Lynn angling for a job in the new administration of the Belligerent Confederate States of Appalachia

0:19:30 Education policy

0:21:27 Criminal justice policy

0:25:35 Family law

0:33:56 Novel, North & South, the importance of the extended family

0:40:40 Big Ron and the junkie as a revenue unit

0:41:37 Department of Defense or Department of War

0:44:50 James' fictional Islamic America

0:49:37 The fate of cities in case of an American break up

0:52:31 Arsen Darnay, Hostage for Hinterland

0:55:22 Does the military have any regional loyalties?

0:56:50 Preservation of power is the top priority

0:59:13 Crackpot moment, Lynn pours cold water all over it, I forgot to mention the main thing, which is that journalists are morons

1:02:50 The Khan offers Lynn a promotion

1:05:05 Discussion of wind energy

1:08:18 California wildfires

1:09:10 Capitalism or pastoral agriculture —banking is at the root

1:15:25 Cool Hand Luke carwash scene

This is what its like working in a supermarket overnight with a bunch of black clerks when the strip clubs close and the dancers stop in to buy their ice cream sandwiches.

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LynnOctober 31, 2017 1:03 PM UTC

John Paul Barber, always bringing it back to the music!
John Paul BarberOctober 28, 2017 10:38 PM UTC

Given your age, James, I'm assuming the car wash scene from Cool Hand Luke was one of the first scenes like that you saw as an impressionable young boy. It stuck with you the rest of your life because of how much it moved you the first time you saw it.

I'm a little younger than you but I have a similar experience with a movie scene. It was the Phoebe Cates pool scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Thank God that song by The Cars that's playing in the background has endured and is still regularly played on FM radio. I get to relive that pool scene in my head every time I hear 'Moving In Stereo'.

As a young boy watching her step out of that pool, Phoebe Cates wasn't just moving in stereo, she was moving in quadrophonic...
responds:October 29, 2017 7:50 PM UTC

Thanks for the eye candy!
Tony RoosterOctober 28, 2017 3:44 PM UTC

Best episode yet. Best podcast on the web.