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Learning the Hook
Fundamental Preconditions for Acquiring Boxing's Most Misunderstood Tool

A karate instructor recently asked me when it was appropriate to teach a student the hook. Here is my checklist.

An item marked with an F is a fundamental requirement for rotational execution.

An item marked with an T is a tactical requirement for being able to employ the punch as part of a combination or as a mobility device.

1. The pronated jab must be straight from the shoulder with the elbow in. F

2. They must be able to get their weight behind a vertical fist [thumb up] "sneaky" jab. F

3. The straight rear hand must be done with a relaxed shoulder and achieve a weight transfer to the front foot. F/T

4. Said straight rear hand must be delivered with the head outside of the opponent's shoulder. F/T

5. The fighter must be able to execute a step-drag to the open [rear hand] side while jabbing. T

6. The fighter must be in the habit of shadowboxing and bag hitting with relaxed shoulders and elbow continuity with the body. F

7. Pronated, power jab behind a stationary pivot. F

8. Sneaky, glancing jab with a weak pivot. F

The next in this serious will be Coaching the Hook: A Training Progression.

The Punishing Art

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