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'New Crusaders and Explorers?'
A Masculine Inquiry from Julian

Very well laid out: ‘Beyond Every Destruction’

One thing I often wonder is through what manifestation that crusader/explorer type of mindset/behavior will return, now that their are no more frontiers to explore/etc.

In many ways this shameful period seems to have arisen out of the end of that frontier, and while I don't think this present western world of 'flat chested men' can last, I have trouble picturing what the new Crusaders and Explorers will be doing.

Some would say space travel but I will admit I don't find the prospect of space exploration terribly inspiring on a spiritual or 'thumotic' level. Perhaps I am too closeminded.

I guess there's also the chance that everything falls apart and the new Crusaderism and Exploration arises out of that 'Archeofuture' as Guillaume Faye would call it.

Anyway excellent article!

-Julian L

Julian, this same thing has been bothering me and making me wonder as well, and so I have no good answer for you.

The question I think is of immense importance to Men and men are necessary for humanity. When men have been absolutely negated, humanity will be as dead as if the last woman had died childless and we shall be only flesh-bots, which is the impetus behind the transgender push. Transgenderism is machine metaphysics. In the Sunset Saga, a series of novels about a transgender future sending time hunters back to recover real organic humans for designer template generation, the characters with agency refer to most of humanity as meat-puppets—and that is whence we are headed if things don't change.

I will be tackling this in two pieces. Next week I will publish, and Lynn and I will discuss, Ritual Hegemony: How Do Masculine Rites Reflect Cultural Dominance Throughout the Ages?

In the longer term I am exploring the question in the novel DreamEater.

Space exploration must be a facet of masculine sacral expression—must be, but can only be for a tiny minority.

Why do you think that every publisher, most scientists, many science-fiction readers, every government and even most science-fiction writers have devoted their energy to suppressing this idea since 1980?

So some free-thinking people might not escape this rock, that's why.

The Polynesian spirit—the spirit of the greatest seafaring men ever too sail the oceans, died on Rapa Nui, which we call Easter Island. As soon as the ruling classes became strong enough to dominate life through massive public works, they enslaved the rest and even cut down the last tree.

Think of that, these "men" whose ancestors literally gave birth to them at the edge of the abyss via the use of lumber-constructed vessels, cut down the last tree!

Julian, now that we have a mechanized technological base, which would easily permit us egress from our home—I do mean easily, very easy compared to fighting WWII—the last tree is the masculine spirit, which is the primary target of our State apparatus as it seeks to erase humanity, one race, one faith, one nation, one gender, at a time.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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PROctober 28, 2017 7:47 PM UTC

Excellent post, seventeen.

My frustration with pacifist males is their unwillingness to improve at strength and martial arts. They believe huge dichotomy between the physical and intellectual that no ancient Western philosophers of merit believed in. Even Jesus used strength and violence to purge the temple of moneylenders. Failure to protect one's family and friends is a big moral failing.
responds:October 29, 2017 7:54 PM UTC

Aristotle lectured under the xystos [covered walk] of a wrestling ground, where boxers, pankratiasts and hoplites trained.
seventeen17October 28, 2017 6:29 AM UTC

There are two essays I have been reading and thinking about that may be of interest. They are on the same website.

The first one is called "Ancient and Modern Consciousness and living with them". A quote : " Whole pantheons of gods and goddesses may exist within us, but we must seek them in the physical world, in our physical bodies, our friends, family, in love, in those that inspire us, in strange places, not so that we feel the urge to bow down to them, but so that we feel elevated and experience again a world and a life so intense and so real that it seems to be bursting with Mystery."

The link :

The second one is called "The Tragedy of Young Men". A quote : "Deep down, the pacifist intellectual often seethes with anger. He is, and must be, angry at a world in which men of physical strength, live and outmatches him in the physical realm — which is the realm of sex, competition, and survival. The passive male cannot physically beat the physically strong, especially if the latter knows how to fight. Instead of fighting, the passive male’s anger comes out in intellectualizing or moralizing, the way it comes out in bouts of drunkenness with some otherwise quiet and nice individuals."

The link :
responds:October 28, 2017 1:29 PM UTC

Thanks, I'll post a link to this site on the network page.