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The Uncuckable Khan Schools Young Martin on Plowing the Poorly Tilled Fields of the Slave Folk

Martin has just purchased Your Trojan Horse and at that very moment I was delivered of another virtual harem of wilting flowers wishing to adorn the trail of conquest by a certain slave girl procurement service known as Match dot slum.

I never signed up for this service, but they obviously know that the Khan's spirit is channeled through this portal, for they have flocked here every second day in the unimaginative hundreds since I acquired this aging scribe as an avatar...

Martin, this will be an exercise in winnowing the mares who toss their frilly manes this way and that in hopes of finding succor in your stable.

Martin, as a general rule, white women think that they are less attractive than they are, but do understand with some accuracy how they stack up against other women in the looks department. The more photos a white chick has the better looking she is, unless she is insane and has a bunch of goofy pics.

Blacks chicks, however, rate their looks at twice as good as they are. All of the black chicks on this list are looking for a white guy, as the Khan is well known to be a Caucasian.

I generally skip over any woman who has a number next to her made-up name, the larger the number the less imaginative she is. A girl with no imagination cannot deal with an honest man—a man honest about being a man. However if she attempted to use her real name, which will have a bunch of numbers after it, that's a good sign she's not married.

So, although I am not looking for a lady, I will assess these women as if I had energy to expend on another mare.


45 years old


2 photos

Radiant, kind-faced black girl who did not care to hide her identity.

She'd fall in love with me—pass.


47 years old

Silver Spring

2 photos»

Pretty white brunette with a long nose and a sly smile. She swallows. Really, Martin, girls with those prominent noses don't have much of a gag reflex. Looks like a fun weekend and she's materialistic looking enough to go away when she finds out I'm poor.


47 years old


3 photos»

Clueless brunette, dumb as a box of rocks. Showing her age. Pass.


40 years old

Bel Air

1 photo»

Cute, fat, intelligent blonde. She'd fall in love with me the first time I made her cum—pass, unless I'm homeless.


37 years old


7 photos»

Crazy, clueless, athletic white girl—the Khan is getting too old for such restless palfreys.


52 years old


1 photo»

The mediocre negress to avoid.


44 years old


1 photo»

I'm no patriot, but there simply seems to be something aversive about dating the former First Lady—what with those secret service agents patting me down. I understand, after that sissy mulatto she's been married to for ages [according to her racial time preference] that she wants a good old white daddy to take charge. But the Khan's Indo-European blood runs strong in my veins and as a descendent of horsemen of yore, I retain an equine world order in my stable, and will tolerate no mare with a larger cock than mine.


46 years old


1 photo»

This sensuous-looking slut has taken a close up of her face with a seductive half pout. I have seen this look many times before. This is one of those big-eyed shorties [a pretty brunette with nice little tits] who has orgasms while she's blowing you. That is compatibility in my book. Sold!


45 years old


5 photos»

A pretty Asian woman who I would like to meet, probably for conversation.


53 years old

North Bethesda

7 photos»

Crazy, horse-faced white chick with a nice body. Pass—Big Ron, check this out!


42 years old


9 photos»

An extremely pretty, Eastern European elf babe, who can be forgiven for her lack of imagination-until she starts bitching at me for not spending the night...then out the door I go.


47 years old


1 photo»

Absolutely gorgeous brunette, photographed by her husband, who can be expected to want to watch, which I'm not into. When a woman refers to herself as dirty or a slut it always means that they are searching in their heart for a man willing to dominate them. Her rich husband seems to be farming that duty out—Big Ron!


37 years old


11 photos»

Not a brain in her pretty head and none required. Rented for the weekend.


53 years old


7 photos»

A beautiful black woman with her own half-Irish hair. I'm thinking she'll run me over with the Mercedes her ancient sugar daddy bought her after I break it off, but my will power fails me... The Checkered Demon, at least, shall forgive me.


43 years old


3 photos»

Oh, no! Tommy Sotomayor would shoot me if he knew I touched this woman. She seems to have a nice genuine smile, but some black women just can't look good. Sorry, girl, miscegenation is a roll of the dice and while sunny_dev was rolling box cars you were rolling snake eyes.


41 years old


3 photos»

Cute Irish girl with her brown hair parted in the middle. She seems like a lady I would like to get to know. I would absolutely not do her on the first date, especially if she wanted to. She seems like she has a personality worth more than soaking off the Khanic testosterone.

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Tony RoosterOctober 28, 2017 4:07 PM UTC

Match dot Khan should be a recurring column! Beware the women with only face photos. They're bigger than you think.
responds:October 29, 2017 7:57 PM UTC

The Khan knows this, and notes it as a measure of the fat woman's potential work ethic—believe HE, big girls try to make up for the pariah status between the bearskins.

Match dot Khan will return!
Bruno DiasOctober 27, 2017 8:52 PM UTC

Oh Mighty KKhan, i have a question for you:

Whya have your aging vessel choose woemen over 30-something years old? Wouldn'tt be more productive to find a slave girl with 20 something and train her to be a good slave?
responds:October 28, 2017 2:50 AM UTC

The computer chose them. I never signed up for this dating service. It just found me. This thing has assigned women too me who are looking for men of my advanced millage.

Of course, I have no aversion to the nubiles.

Thanks for looking out, Bruno.