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A Kite Against the Wind
Crucifying Christians: By Professor dy/dx

Here are some “good” articles showing how the mainstream Christian mind works:

If this shit was true, then we would have to live with inevitable race suicide, murder, rape etc. But, Christianity is a vector that carries a pathogenic mind virus, that first spawned liberalism, and now globalism and rootless cosmopolitanism, grounded in money worship. Once one drops the assumption that Christianity is true, then there is the freedom to see that Western civilization arose despite it, like a kite against the wind, and that this belief system has merely clung to the White West as some parasitic worm might feed off the intestines of some unsuspecting host.

There are many good popular books that could help in deprogramming, and we will cover them, in diatribes against the cult, to come.

It is not necessary to do a theology degree to uncover the near infinite difficulties present in the scriptures. The short of the long of a modern theology degree though, is that the Bible is socio-historical construction, written by numerous people over long periods of time, drawing on literary material and myths of the age, and packaged for mass consumption by a largely scientifically ignorant people. The Old Testament has little ancient historical accuracy and is mainly an attempt to forge an ethno-racial identity for the Jewish people: I. Finkelstein and N. Silberman, “The Bible Unearthed,” (Free Press, 2002). Why should we care?

There are insuperable problems with the Judeo-Christian bag of tricks, right from the creation mythology, through to the scriptures and their historicity and internal coherence. The bottom line on the creation issue is that even if we grant that evolution has technical limitations, no problem facing evolution (e.g. say the improbability of biological complexity arising from natural selection of random genetic mutations), makes Judeo-Christian creation plausible. There are an infinity of other hypotheses, also ad hoc, which could account for the existence of the world, such as its emergence from another universe (multiverse hypothesis), or even the creation by a god who is beyond good and evil. In fact, such a god does not face the problem of evil which the Judeo-Christian god faces.

Usually the problem of evil, in philosophy classes, is to attempt to reconcile the existence of an all-good, all-powerful, all-knowing god, with the existence of evil, either moral evil, or natural evil. Moral evil is accounted for by the freewill defense, embodied in a flawed way in the Garden of Eden story. The problem with the Garden of Eden story is that before eating of the fruits of knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve were morally innocent, like young children, so it seems immoral of god to punish them. Christians will pass over this uncomfortable issue, saying that it was still disobedience, although neither of the naked pair knew that not following orders was wrong.

Anyway, taking in context the article above about the Christians condemning “racism,” the Old Testament is full of much worse things, including genocide, all allegedly supported by god. This is a real problem for liberal Christians: John Spong, “The Sins of Scripture,” (2006). There are literally thousands of Old Testament passages that are completely contrary to modern morality. And, this is the so-called word of God. That is the real problem of evil, and from a rational perspective, it cannot be solved without a major challenge to fundamentalism. Christians usually ignore the issue, and atheists have not beaten them hard enough on this issue.

Then, there is the problem of evil in the world before man, which is accounted for by hypothesis of the fallen angel, Lucifer. Again, having free will, Lucifer was able to disobey, and before you know it, became infinitely evil, the Satan. I have heard crazed Christian creationists argue that the second law of thermodynamics arose from Satan’s rebellion, as did death e.g. the design of carnivores to eat meat. Without these acts of rebellion, the tiger’s claws would be used to lovingly caress all and sundry. Or, when the Fall occurred, creatures suddenly became carnivores. Take your pick of which bullshit story to spin.

The fact of the matter is that from a rational position, all of this is just arbitrary. The more parsimonious hypothesis is that the creator, who may have created ex nihilo, or who could even be a F-grade alien scientist, is not all-good, or all-powerful, or all-knowing. That accounts for the universe better than Judeo-Christianity.

In fact, the human body, with its numerous design defects e.g. the design of the male prostate), is hardly a creation reflecting anything divine. It smacks of a slapped-together body, and one where micro-organisms living on it, outnumber the cells of the body, full of design flaws and “scars”:

These micro-organisms even make a genetic contribution to the human organism, which is not consistent with the idea that the human being is made in the image of god. And, if the slippery Judeo-Christian then says that the reference is only to the mental and moral aspects, well, that is even worse given the utter madness of most people.

The universe is not consistent with the primitive worldview of Christianity. From the perspective of a theoretical physicist, I would rest my case on quantum mechanics alone. Particles which are also waves at the same time, thus having inconsistent properties, indeterminacy, and numerous paradoxes from a classical perspective, indicate that we are living either in a cosmic computer simulation (and a poor one at that), or some sort of absurd reality. No rational god would have created the world as modern physics describes things. Hence, there is no Judeo-Christian god. Existentially, there is a good case that the entire universe is absurd, perhaps in some way illusory and certainly doomed to cosmic oblivion.

So, church mice, just take a dose of de-worming tables, and once your bowels are clear, try and see what is being done to our tribe, because, due to your centuries of blindness, it is now too late, and you too, for all your pompous bs, and kowtowing, will be prey too:

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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The Great Train Wreck of the West

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BobNovember 2, 2017 2:10 AM UTC

The author makes unverifiable claims no less outrageous than the religious ones he decries, eg.:

"Once one drops the assumption that Christianity is true, then there is the freedom to see that Western civilization arose despite it"

Given that monogamy is a uniquely Western institution promoted by the Church for over a millenium in order to create a civil society and break up Europe's tribes, it's ridiculous to suggest that Western civilization could have emerged otherwise. Ask the Arabs, tribes don't make for great civilizations; the societies are characterized by low-trust and low social capital.

I can't figure out what the author's real complaint is. The last century was when Western society effectively dispensed with Christianity. Are things better for it?
BayouCoyoteOctober 31, 2017 5:02 PM UTC

Here's more about G-town's role in the demise of America(if that was even possible):
Ruben ChandlerOctober 30, 2017 8:19 PM UTC

"To err is human. To persevere is theological" - Aleister Crowley