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Therapeutic Murder
By The Checkered Demon

We folks, descended from killer apes, just seem to get the murder urge now and then. It is nothing new, and a trait long studied, 'cause it's so very inconvenient. Everything just stops and that soul flies away along with everything it ever dreamed. Decent environments keep that sort of thing to a minimum.

Losing control of one’s brain housing group in some fashion is the reason, I guess. Something organic at times, mental illness, but also circumstances that multiply and subvert sanity through frustration. Hannah Arendt, the Eichmann lady, predicted violence in our times due to frustration with the bureaucracy. The inability to receive the final decision, get face to face with the guilty party. To be passed from desk to desk, explaining from square one at each stop. I have felt that anger building, pushing against our public servant's obstructions.

Murder must be easier for those who have only killed digitally. Never having waded in digestive tracts and blood allows one to see killing as a simple solution. A clean solution. Knowing nothing makes it an option, and hunting just isn't done by humane Humans these days. Taking a life properly with respect has become arcane knowledge.

So we killer apes have forgotten our natures and learned about drugs and shiny objects. It can surprise no one that we are going down more frequently in murderous flames. Suicide by atrocity, with body count bragging rights. Ones own throne in the pantheon of assholes is an accomplishment that will live on the web forever.

It's enough to get any curmudgeon to smiling.

C Demon

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