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'They Swarmed Us'
NJ Family Visiting Baltimore Haunted By Random Teen Attack At Inner Harbor

Race War Update.

“Baltimore City police spokesman T.J. Smith says groups of teens have been a problem in the city. “It’s always groups of them,” he said. “Someone in that group starts it, and that’s what we saw in this situation.”

“…While police are reviewing surveillance video of the attack, the victims can’t stop replaying it in their minds. “After this, I can’t sleep at night, seeing what happened over and over again in my head,” Stacey said. “Seeing my family attacked.” Two members of the family suffered concussions. Others came away with scrapes and bruises, and a vow never return to the Inner Harbor.”

“As yet, police have no suspects in the attack. Because the group appears to have been made up of juveniles, if they are found they cannot be identified.”

James, when I first visited Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium in the spring of 1982, it was needless to say a much safer and more sedate place. The only incident of note while I was there was when a hoodrat appeared with an enormous ‘Boom-Box’, such as were very much in fashion with urban minority youth back in those days. The Ghetto Blaster the urban ‘yoot’ balanced on his shoulder must have been at a least three feet long. The dindu cranked up the volume to howitzer equivalence so as to share the driving jungle beat with everyone in the downtown area. He was quickly approached by a white Baltimore policeman, decked out in the traditional blue double-breasted uniform coat and eight-point peaked cap, as well as carrying BPD’s famous, ornately carved, wooden ‘espantoon’ night stick. The police officer told the hoodrat to turn the volume down, and the hoodrat promptly complied! Like they say, the past is another country.

Espantoon -

NJ Family Visiting Baltimore Haunted By Random Teen Attack At Inner Harbor

Jeremy, I got to the desk late as I stayed with my relatives to watch a local news cast on this. These were two country music fans and the woman did all of the talking as the man stood meekly by, neither of them seeming to have had any expectation that he should have shouldered a protective role. She said they will never be back.

There was another attack of three boys, one white, comic book nerds, which resulting in the largest boy, a tall dark-skinned fellow, being in intensive care, almost losing an eye. His mother, again—the woman—said they will not visit the Inner Harbor again.

There was not a male voice to be heard in this round of discussion on what one would think is a male area of concern.

All victims declined to have their face shown on the news or their names printed—that is so huge!

The race of the attackers has not been mentioned—apparently Yomish.

In nearby Fells Point numerous bar and restaurant owners closed at 6 o'clock this Halloween for employee safety. The one owner of three joints said he is losing 30k tonight but wil be able to sleep with a clear conscience.

Typically police are in force in the Inner Harbor and the adjacent business district until 5:30 p.m.

After 5:30 there are 6 officers assigned to cover both areas, total, to cover a one mile square, However, within this zone, 1.5 blocks of Baltimore Street, the red light district, where dope deals and prostitution and open container violations and public heroin shooting and dope smoking go on all night, a squad of 10 cops gather to protect the ongoing vice! Drug dealers will not even do business where these tourists were walking. They go sell their dope on Baltimore Street in front of the cops! I have witnessed this recently.

I shit you not my jingoistic myrmidon.

On a given night there are between 3 and 20 such attacks in around around the Inner Harbor, this according to my sources and extrapolations of news reports compared to actual known attacks in similar-sized areas, reduced by X10 for this being a high publicity area.

What was really telling about this news cast was that the news of these two extremely violent public attacks received a total coverage time which was exceeded by the main local story, that three white prep school students dressed up in costumes that were racially insensitive, one as Freddie Gray, and the other two as characters in some black-centric Netflix yarn called, Orange is the New Black! The news channel, WJZTV, found it more important to push for transcripts of student apologies against black criminal sensibilities than it is to push for an arrest in one of these pack stompings.

The Inner Harbor has always been a hunting zone at the right hours, when tourists were not out and about and the employees could be attacked on their way home and the drunk stragglers picked off heading back to their hotel. I even had three homeless dudes try to take my coat on a winter night. But broad daylight and peak evening attacks in the central hub on tourists only began, with mayor permission, on April 28, 2015.

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BobOctober 31, 2017 10:51 PM UTC

Far more important to concentrate on entrenched white supremacy. Youths are just reacting in righteous indignation against hurtful racial stereotypes, such as those promoted by Kellogg's Corns Pops, with its amber-colored floor-waxing janitor. Your bones ain't worth my self-esteem.
responds:November 1, 2017 5:54 AM UTC

Glad to see you are finally down with the cause, Bob!
AnonymousOctober 31, 2017 9:27 PM UTC

Names may break my bones but sticks and stones will never hurt.