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The Alignment with Time
Napi Mephisto, Pages 69-70

Napi explains to Spotted Buffalo how ego based fear mechanisms destroy reality Our Universe is a great living clockwork and we are meant to be working parts which move intelligently together with the other parts in the coordination of all things. How do we see this? If we use the idea of hand-eye coordination, and extrapolate this to mind-ear coordination, you will begin to have some idea. But it could also be mindeye coordination, it could be mind-smell coordination… that is where the Whiteman went wrong, he lost the mind as in minding what you are doing. So when you have thought of hand-eye coordination it was always a self centered intention that forgot the greater mind aspect, if this is lost, in some sense you are unconscious of what it is you are doing

The birds are the messengers. So when I say mind-ear coordination, you need to listen. Listen to the timing. How do you do that? It is as simple as matching your thoughts to the sounds of the birds. If you are aligned, the sounds of the birds will not be cacophony, they will show you what will be sensible timing. The sound to the thought. When these match, you have good information. Thoughts you can depend on. But you cannot make this work as intention, it requires stepping out of ego. It is something that can only be observed

So you must discover an affinity with some kind of bird that you can relate to. This is an ego killer when you think about this in terms of the birds can impart veracity to your thinking… and without this timing you are lost in your thinking. And I’m not talking about the lost in daydreaming, actually if you are able to get into daydreaming, you are more likely to discover timing

I am rather pointing to the dangers of becoming lost in egotistical thought, this is the ‘imprisment’ of the White mind, the hall of mirrors, the mirror self of ego wanders here and never knows 90% of the intelligence we are a part of, because for ego to exist, it has to be seperated out from the timing. The ego is nothing more than a selfdeception, a trick, a trap. Ego was not meant to be, but is a possible side effect of the birth of self-awareness. Awareness, self-awareness and ego are all distinct things

Awareness is the great expression of creation, what we know as the great mystery. Self-awareness is inclusive individuation that does not suffer fear, anger, embarrassment or shame. These are all things which can only exist in ego. Ego is isolated individuation, this is the source of fear, being alone. Ego is frustrated at its isolation, this is the source of anger. Embarrassment and shame are the children of anger and frustration, you could call these the children of the paradox of evil

Evil can only exist in ego. In fact it could be said evil is nothing more than the violence of projecting ego. So this ‘imprisment’ of ego creates a damaging illusion of the holographic expression of our knowing self awareness. This is on account of becoming trapped in the illusion of creation, because we think we can die. And there is great fear in the idea of dying, this is the fear of being alone, but this fear stems from the paradox of the truth of the aloneness of the false image of ego, which is the only mortal being. The ego senses its mortality, because in fact the ego is not real Self awareness is a Quantum inter dimensional entity, it has place after place to retreat to, to reincorporate and re-express the memory of it’s incarnation. Ego is merely three dimensional and cannot see beyond corporeal imprisment. This takes away the sight of being within the alignment

The ego is an artificial entity concocted up by the moronic behaviors of the adult Whitemen when raising the children, when they force the kids to be alone and isolated as a punishment… I don’t mean that only in a strict literal sense but as well in a greater social sense of excluding the children from the adult world. The children have to learn denial of 90% of their innate abilities in mental function and discover ego and live in ego as the primary expression of themselves to survive. This is what brings them into the Whiteman’s adult world. So they become isolated from the great intelligence to know a false and mortal inclusiveness, the source of all fear. And it is from this place of fear all violence, as we know the term violence in the Human social sense, springs. This is the projection of the Human ego. In fact, the acquiring of ego was diagnosed and treated as a disease by our medicine men

To know shamanic awareness, that is the pre-Columbian intelligence in the Americas, is to become self aware without becoming trapped in ego. This is individuation aligned with the timing, the idea that we are inclusive, part and parcel of all that exists in the greater awareness. This goes to the heart of the law of non-interference because we do not tinker with the expression of the great living clockwork. Interfering creates a micro-cosmic out of sync world that centers around an ego-self entity and brings on negative experiences. We are not supposed to do that. And when we made that mistake, steps were taken to correct our mistake and get back into the alignment. This was the only time we knew fear, the times we made this mistake of interfering, because when we interfere we cause consequences

We did have people who practiced evil, but this was the exception rather than the rule of the evil you see governing the Whiteman’s existence

All shamanic death, a rarity, was revealed to people through the phenomena of fear, the fear of having made a mental mistake. If you knew someone had made a mistake which had been concealed rather than corrected, you could kill that person by exploiting their fear of that mistake. The consequence of knowing fear in the shamanic reality was the collapse of the immune, people wasted away and died. But the equal consequence of mistakenly exploiting fear was the same. So to be a sorcerer was a dangerous business. Because if you made a mistake attempting to exploit someone's fear, it would quite naturally blow up in your face, it would be your consequence rather than their’s. So we were all taught this was unwise, not to participate in this sort of exploitation. But there is always the paradox in all things. Simple fear of knowing can kill. And so when fear of knowing meets a truth that must be expressed, the consequence is equally deadly. It is the equivalent of mental selfimmolation.

The fear in the mind burns the body up. It was rare But this is a tragedy that happens everyday in White civilization and they are afraid to put their finger on the source, the simple fear. Fear fears fear. Their world is ruled by fear more and more each day, as they take their world farther and farther out of time’s alignment. Fear grows exponentially and body wasting diseases do too. Fear and disease are both out of control

So now they fear epidemics and they will see that too. Because, they do not understand causal principles of reality. This is a problem of being trapped in ego. They can’t see through to the simple. So the fear that only lives in ego kills the expression of the self and they can physically die on account of that. We have remedies to heal these people but the fear is so pervasive in these people they are afraid to try them. It is not much more than an issue of trust, but their fear is so pervasive and deep, we had to let go of telling them about anything because they historically killed us simply for offering to help

They still would try to put us in jail for extrapolating some of our old healing practices, such as restarting or boosting adult immune systems with colostrums, simply on account of ego and fear. So it has been historically difficult to help these people, because they fear our ways and would prefer their fear to our healing. It’s difficult, they would rather keep their egos alive and die of fear than to be healed. How can you help that?

This is a consequence of falling out of alignment. They call it “The fall from Grace.” But then they put it in the hands of Ego (capital E) to correct themselves, they put in God’s hands. But their idea of God is most often expressed as the violence of projecting the collective ego and fear in the Whiteman, and that isn’t going to help. What helps is the loss of ego. And knowing people in the alignment. That is the community you want to know. The gentle, kind and caring people

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