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'More Durable Than Us'
Cold Steel Training Dagger Review ModernFighter407

In late 2012 my roommate, the esteemed Sensei Steeve, invite us to give his students [mostly children] a stick and knife fighting lesson. Charles, Brett, Cory and I did so. And, at the end, Cory wanted to do a Cold Steel dagger fight. After all, he had just purchased these two babies. Having seen them right out of the box, I had him dull them. But they could only be made so dull. When it came down for our fight, and 390 pound Cory was towering over me with his dagger, I went to an inside female triangle lunge, checked his dagger hand with my empty hand and slammed my dagger into his face cage with all 180 pounds behind it, only to have it glance off the face cage into his neck and drop him like an Orca before a Green Peace team.

That finale was like taking a rancid shit in church on Easter Sunday.

One of the kids actually thought Cory was dead and started to tear up.

On the way home Charles chewed me out.

But the next morning, Steeve was in good humor as we passed in the kitchen while he made coffee. he said, "Wait" picked up a butter knife and said, "Gee, Mister Jim, what should I teach my children's karate class tonight?"

With that he leaped at me, pinned my right hand and plunged the butter knife until it hit my neck, and then broke off with a grin and snarked, "Yes, Mommy, I learned how to kill a bouncer with a kitchen knife tonight! Isn't karate cool?!"

The Punishing Art

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PRNovember 1, 2017 10:30 PM UTC

I've been looking for a gladius. That price really can't be beat. It's the perfect home defense weapon.
responds:November 2, 2017 12:30 PM UTC

Lynn Thompson may have ripped me off—but he makes great, affordable weapons and trainers. his trainers are all lethal.