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Autopsy of a Dying Race
Exposing the Delusional Cult of Apologetics—Suicide Engine of Human Extinction

After this poor deluded sap's account is read, I will note the points of degeneracy in the Dying Race section below.

Pumpkin Smashers, First Hand Witnessed, Willow Oak Road, Baltimore County

Around 8 pm during trick-or-treating, a group of tween / teens boys [1], all dressed in hoodies and jackets [no race given, though Amish or Sephardic Jews are suspected] [2] and wearing generic "no face" types of masks approached my porch where I was sitting to give out candy. "Trick or treat" they said, and I put a piece of candy in the first kid's backpack. He stepped off of the porch and stood in the yard as the other kids made their way up the stairs of my porch and said "hey, how much is that pumpkin?" when I stood and said "which one" he grabbed it by the stem and smashed it on my sidewalk...RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE...IN FRONT OF ME. [3]

When I shouted "what the f$2k? (sorry for the language, I was upset), one of the other kids picked it up and smashed it some more, spreading the mess everywhere. [4]

I shouted at them to get lost and promptly closed down shop. I turned off my lights and took down all of my decorations. Now, if any of you have gone down Willow Oak, you know that not a lot of people put a lot of decorations up. I am one of those few houses. [5] Lights and props and everything. So taking everything down quickly was no small feat.

I debate ever setting up for Halloween again. [6]

Why bother putting effort into something if someone else is going to come along and ruin it? [7]

I expect pumpkin smashing to happen after trick-or-treating is over. I don't like it, but it is a thing that happens. Just to be clear, I still do NOT find it ok to destroy someone else's property, but I half expect it to happen late after Halloween is over (pumpkins, of course, not other things). [8]

This, however, was a brazen act that is just not sitting very well with me. I have debated reporting this to the police, as things like this do not make me feel safe in my own neighborhood. [9]

I was all by myself with a group of...for a lack of a better term...hooligans in my yard. [10]

A smashed pumpkin was one of the mildest offenses that could have taken could have been violent. I consider myself lucky, in that regard. [11]

I'm only sorry for the rest of the neighborhood kids. It's reasons like this that the majority of the neighborhood doesn't want to invite trick-or-treaters into their Yards. [12]

Autopsy of a Dying Race

Halloween is one of the last vestiges of our pre-civilized European heritage. Pre-civilized equates t pre-emasculated. As soon as a race submits to the unnatural rule of external law rather than the natural rule of tradition and community, that race begins to degenerate spiritually and physically.

1. The term for youth, for young man, is lost to the civilized mind, with no intermediate place for masculine development between male child and man. The boy magically becomes a man over night, on his 18th birthday. We have here the spectacle of proto-men engaging in a child's ritual. Boy was a term for white slaves coined in the 1500s.

2. With no race given, though Amish or Sephardic Jews are suspected, this betrays a deluded mind that believes that all people behave the same, when it is well known that 100% of violent crime in this neighborhood is committed by blacks, mostly teens.

3. Though outraged, this white person [for they cannot be of a colored race—none of which are yet openly committed to self-erasure—and exhibit this level of separation from reality] does not equate this action with aggression, though it was among the purest forms of aggression, does not understand that he-she is being dominated by people who see themselves as members of a rival tribe, just as Navaho men were often forced to hand over maize to Apache warriors.

4. Verbalized outrage always causes violent escalation with black youths. All slave races verbalize outrage, debate, argue, discuss and otherwise avoid dealing with aggression, rather than strike back or evade. Luckily this was relatively mild. This is typically a prelude to robbery, stomping or rape by black youths. Note that the first impulse of the slave mind is apologetics, especially in extremis.

5. The atomization of the individual in his own neighborhood has bared him/her from being informed of the reasons for this by nearby dwellers and delusion and belief in non-existent abstracts, such as anonymous community, lack of race-based behavior and universal respect for property, has cultivated an all-pervading internally projected delusion. Imagine a community of farmers in the old west, in which all the homesteaders but one brought in their cattle at night due to rampaging wolves, and failed to inform the one idiot who had not noticed the threat?

6. Thusly, no tradition may be permitted to survive spiritual cancer that is civilization, for it is community from which tradition grows and civilization is the process of deconstructing community among humans and reforming them into anonymous livestock.

7. This mind is already nothing but a livestock feed node, with no concept of agency, no determination to defend one's dwelling and no concept of community. Agency is denied to her attackers and to herself. One should expect enemy tribes to attack your passive traditions and gird for defense. If one does not, one is post-human livestock.

8. True livestock, mindless, soulless, without agency, never make the predation connection between initial aggression and ultimate attack. This mind makes no connection between the tolerance of youth attacks upon community tradition and the eventual upwelling of reactionary, feral predation. In this sense, one sees that the feral youth are spiritually and morally superior to this home dweller, who has no inkling that it is livestock, but actually fancies itself a person. The youth, by contrast, are at least trying I their feeble and malformed way to relearn the virtuous action of the barbarian.

9. This mind is unsure if this blatant aggression justifies a proxy force response, fancying herself as a goddess [despite physical gender, whether male or female, this creature is behaviorally female] of morality-defining status among her needy out-children, a common affliction of the helpless who have been lead to believe that their shepherd is good. Applying this derangement, this delusional affliction, upon a population, is the genius of democracy—the most effective lie ever told by Civilization.

10. This person is afraid to state the identity of the aggressors, who, as black youth, have always and will always define themselves first and foremost as black. Her delusion is so deep that she denies even the loudly-professed identity of her attackers.

11. Prey animals rely primarily on luck and habitually make no provisions for defending themselves or their fellows. Degenerate post-human livestock hence mimic prey animals in this regard, seeing luck and external environmental influences as defining their condition. Humans and other predators alone devote energy to defense of self and kind. This fact indicates that this mind has devolved beneath human, even beneath wild canine, lion and hyena morality. This person behaves with such a lack of morality that they rate below dozens of animal species.

12. In closing, this as of yet undevoured, livestock reaffirms her lack of agency, her basic delusions, chief among them that her shepherd is not her butcher, her hierarchal master is her public servant, male youths are children and that blacks are not prone to violence.

Such is the character of the majority of those once human beings descended from the various European races. She grovels and mews in her faceless, soul-shepherd's moral pen, secretly yearning to be conquered, raped and properly possessed by an individual—a definitive, tangible master...who is at least human.

Such is the sour stench of a decaying race as it degenerates by stages from its fallen and graceless state into spiritually subterranean, egoless, deracinated, mind-mutton, nothing but flesh and fat to feed and grease the wheels of the soul-erasing machine it worships from its altar of submission.

Such is the fate of every race that kneels:



cruelly served—

into the mindless gullets of the next race driven down the Meatchute of Souls.

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