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'The May Queen and King'
Aryan Religion by Varg Vilkernes

"...without desires for profit, and with no claims of proprietorship, and free from lethargy, fight."

-Said Krishna to Arunja in the Bhagavad-Gita

Varg echoes Evola often in his opinion that European natives are being deracinated through religious subterfuge by Christians, Muslims, Jews and Marxists [atheists]" and that this process has been so long ongoing that people of the West actually think that their religion and traditional are materialistic and that Eastern traditions are purer of spirit, when the most metaphysical Eastern Traditions, Hindusim and Sikhism are actually transplanted from Outer Europe by the Indo-Aryans.

As I continue reading and researching the Argonautica, the obvious reflection of ancient Hellenic myth and the last heroic European epic, Beowulf, become evermore stark.

The root concept of A Dread Grace is that Aryan martial prowess has consistently outperformed those of other races [except the Native North Americans who also practiced the same type of matriarchal mate selection] for a similar reason that the Zulus defeated lesser Bantu peoples, that a society in which females selected their mates encouraged heroism over manipulation. The Mongols also subdued the Chinese on this basis. Conversely, those societies [Middle Eastern and African] which have devoted considerable collective energy to subduing the female and enslaving her, have fielded consistently poor militaries. Now, in our own anti-heroic America, in which the woman is married to the State first and the man second, men are consistently incapable of defending themselves and their wives and children from small groups of boys.

Erasing the state of heroic grace still sublimated in myth, athletics and literature is the key to erasing the human spirit in service to the rapidly evolving social machinery which owns us.

Gods of Boxing

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