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Dealing with Dindus
When They Taunt or Challenge You As A Group

Bob commented on 'Let Me Hold Your Dog' Nov-2-2017, 12:29 AM UTC

Which is more prudent, politely but curtly responding, or ignoring entirely the taunt/invitation from a black group?

Bob, the situation above began with a blatant but not openly threatening suggestion to submit and give up the dog. They wanted the dog to torture and feed to their pitbulls.

Once the lady politely responded in the negative, she was cursed and threatened with a deadly weapon.

Do note, however, that the dog's more highly evolved and intelligent response, growling, got the punks to back off.

To growl and snarl I have to be in a seething rage. I have done it and always was rewarded with submission of the group in question. However, one must have a physical presence and be a violent actor to pull this off, so for most humans, following the lead of this hero dog is not a useful gambit, since they are mere sheep, and a bleat does not a snarl make. Only growl or snarl when you have a deep need and/or urge to kill and use this is a pressure release valve as you go for their throats so you can keep your wits about you.

It also gives them a chance to flee so you might avoid a life in prison.

It is always counter-productive to verbally engage a group of African-American aggressors. I do not say black, for black Africans from Africa can be reasoned with. It can also be very productive to verbally engage a non-aggressive group of well-behaving black Americans. They are easily lead, easily frightened and easily agitated.

Two things frighten the Negro to death:

1. a physically capable and unafraid white man silently regarding them.

2. a physically capable and clearly insane white man determined to kill them.

3. "a stone-cold nigger," meaning a silent [or quietly poised] lethal black, white or Latino man. This last figure is generally a drug gang enforcer or assassin.

Ironically, urban blacks have evolved to despise, rather than fear, police. Police are not feared and are generally assumed to be unwilling to use lethal force. This [I think idiotic stance, inculcated by single mothers] has some basis in fact, as most killings by cops are of whites and Latinos, not blacks.

A man I recently interviewed was cut off and verbally engaged by a group of 4 blacks in a car while driving.

They stopped and the driver got out.

He got out and approached and said, "What are you goin' to do, nigger?"

That broke negro morale in a second and the encounter devolved into him chasing these children of the Mammy State through the streets until they were totally in his power. At the last moment, he decided not to kill them and left the lay, crying and moaning.

With blacks, you only use the N-word when you know that you are on the verge of slaughtering them. He did them a favor and let them know, without drawing his gun, that they were about to die. They understand the nuance of a man walking up to a group and voicing the taboo word all others of his kind live in abject terror of speaking. They knew he was ready to reassert the former status of his race and knew in their hearts that they were women and acted accordingly. White punks in their situation may well have been killed out of hand as they tried to argue, reason, plead and debate. The feral senses of the urban black man are not as acute as the natural senses of primal people or of animals, but are much more tuned in to reality than the deluded minds of white people.

If you are not immediately prepared to kill, than remain silent and let them decide to attack or not.

Note, that in this encounter between the subhuman victim, her animal pet and the feral savages attempting to become human in crude form, her best option was to calmly walk off in silence or call 911 while her dog fended them off, for she was nothing but a noncombatant.

Whoever you are, if you have not decided and stand able to kill the negroes who are threatening you, there can be nothing gained and much lost by verbally engaging.

Understand that entire squads of heavily armored, body-armored police officers are generally unable to talk a single, unarmed black youth into peacefully complying with their demands.

How is some piece of ass going to impose her will on these savages unless she is packing an assault rifle or shotgun?

Never verbally engage in this situation unless you are poised, able and willing to kill, or if you are becoming overwhelmed with the thirst to kill and do not wish to, in which case snarling, slathering, growling, apply. I have done the latter with packs of dogs and they have backed off.

Thanks Bob.


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BobNovember 2, 2017 8:54 PM UTC

I hear what you say and it makes perfect sense. I just know I'd have to fight my emotional programming to avoid get sucked into a dialogue of which no good can come. The fear of being rude versus the fear of assault.
responds:November 3, 2017 1:27 AM UTC

I believe that we are programmed this way for the same reason they are programmed to chimp out, so that we will be assaulted and respond passively and self-domesticate.

I have no problem not speaking to people, because of my narrow definition of humanity. Most people, to me, are subhumans, less deserving of dialogue than a dog. In an upside down world being odd can have its advantages.