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Re: Halloween by Patrol Lady
End Time Nigh: Self-Evident Proof that a Community is Dead—When You Have Middle Aged, Female Militia

An excellent self-illustration as to the unfitness of women to patrol—let alone protect. This is what a neighborhood targeted for criminal resettlement looks like three years in.

I would like to say something about this Halloween, About 5 years ago on a Halloween Night there would have been at lease 4 to 5 cars patrolling the community. But last night’s Halloween 2017 it was just 1 patrol car and two woman patrolling the entire community, So if there "would have been" 4 – to 6 cars patrolling last night, I can truly say that 10 times out of 1, one of the patrols would have spotted the dog incident with Miranda's dog or at lease prevented it. I must say that I was very disappointed last night in patrolling the Community with Cyndi that porch lights in a row were off back and front. And I get it, some don’t give candy out or that you’re on the BC P Watch List and your lights need to be out. But If only the Back Porch lights were on it would have help out TREMENDOUSLY. But noooooo and I don’t know why. But I do want to think those that did go out last night Undercover as they say, but it’s not enough and I am kinder all tapped out after during this for as many years as I have. Don’t even know when the last time I gave out Candy on Halloween, because I was out patrolling the Community!!!!! And I know for a fact some of you on this website no that to be true. So that's it for right now, good night all!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa [redacted], Hillendale Park

Why do I have to be woke up at 2:37 am by gunshots. NO it was not fireworks. I am familiar enough with guns to know a gun! Six shots,( saw no activity, but makes me SO MAD and sad. Our neighborhood has become a place I don t recognize anymore.

Turd America

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