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Dancing with the Dead
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This outbreak of ‘pneumonic plague’ (even worse than ‘bubonic plague’ because it is airborne, not spread by flea bites) is the result of dancing with the dead in Madagascar.

Anonymous Conservative discusses this at length in his October 29th post (see below). AC is of the opinion that a disease pandemic is very likely to happen in the coming years, especially in the wake of an economic collapse where lots of people will be eating out of dumpsters, extreme shortages in vital medical supplies are likely and the mass migration of all sorts of economic refugees will spread the disease(s). It’s likely that factions within the Globalists are even planning to CAUSE a world-wide pandemic. It is becoming increasingly evident that there is going to be some sort of culling of the human herd within the next couple of centuries. Within just the next 50 years much of the human race will become ‘surplus to requirements’ as half the available jobs become automated, even in countries with abundant cheap labor like China and India.

It’s recently been published that the average global IQ is 86.

Now an IQ in the ranges of 80-89 is generally characterized as intellectual ‘dullness’. 70 - 79 is ‘borderline deficiency in intelligence” and under 70 is 'feeble-mindedness’/mental retardation.

So if it is true that that average world IQ is 86, then that means that most human beings, especially those in the third world, are the sort of people that we in America would colloquially describe as being ‘not the sharpest tools in the shed’. That is to say not people who could be relied on to efficiently and diligently complete complicated tasks that required math aptitude and other perceptive and deliberative problem-solving skills (certainly not without close supervision and assistance). There will not be a place for most of these people in the increasing technological workplace of the near future. Employers won’t need ‘strong backs and weak minds’ to the degree that they need them now, as more and more repetitive ‘stoop labor' jobs become performed by tireless, indestructible and uncomplaining robots. Then these people will be seen by the Global-homo powers-that-be as unproductive consumers of scarce natural resources (resources the Globalist elites will need to support their own opulent life styles, natch) and despoilers of the pristine natural environment the elites enjoy romping around in. This lumen proletariat will, each and every one of them, be just a useless mouth to feed and an anus to clean up after. We’re fast approaching the ‘Idicocarcy’ level, aren’t we? – ‘Idiocracy’ Move Trailer; ‘Idiocracy’: The Great Dumbing Down.

For now these dullards are useful to the Globalists as proxy warriors, a revolutionary street army, to be used to enthusiastically attack and displace the Globalist’s major political opponents (i.e. the traditional, conservative, nationalist white populations of the first world industrialized countries). Once the Globalists have solid control and the oppressed proxy warriors no longer serve a purpose the Globalists will contrive to get rid of the them as well. We can see how this works by observing how the Globalist Left is currently denouncing and discarding so many of its loyal allies in Hollywood by publically revealing their heretofore carefully concealed predatory sexual behavior.

Of course a world pandemic AND an economic collapse, such that mass famine and even more plague will follow on the heels of it, may take care of disposing of both the nationalist whites and the proxy warriors of color simultaneously. Such calamities would certainly exacerbate and escalate the conflict between the various ethnic and religious identity groups such that they would no longer need to be prodded into action by the Globalists and their willing accomplices in the news media. Severe natural selection is liable to return to the Human condition, eh? Except for the Globalist elites, naturally.

Go ahead and say it James…we live in interesting times!

Why Has Plague Erupted In Madagascar?

Posted on October 29, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative

I think of it as global redistribution of stupidity:

Madagascar Plague Linked to Ritual Dancing with Dead Bodies

Madagascar’s Plague Outbreak Spreading at an Alarming Rate

The deadly plague sweeping Madagascar may have a particularly gruesome cause — a local tradition of dancing with dead bodies.

Health officials suspect it’s no coincidence that the outbreak — which has infected more than 1,100 people and killed 124 since August — coincides with the time of year when families customarily exhume the remains of dead relatives, wrap them in a sheet, and dance with them through the streets in a sacred ritual, AFP reports.

“If a person dies of pneumonic plague and is then interred in a tomb that is subsequently opened for [the ritual], the bacteria can still be transmitted and contaminate whoever handles the body,” said Willy Randriamarotia, Madagascar’s health ministry chief of staff.

The globalized nature of modern transportation and the international interconnectedness it produces creates a sort of a redistribution of Darwinian Selection. It doesn’t matter that we are smarter than them, or that we understand germ theory. We will still get the plagues these idiots produce. This one won’t get us, unless that plague picks up some serious antibiotic resistance, but imagine if that was a SARS outbreak, or a new flu strain. ITZ coming.

Meanwhile Vault-Co linked to this article:

World leaders rehearse for a pandemic that will come ‘sooner than we expect’

… That scenario was part of a pandemic simulation held during the World Bank’s annual meeting in Washington this month. It’s not the kind of event that people would typically associate with the World Bank. But it’s the fourth such exercise the bank has helped organize in the past year, reflecting what experts say is the growing awareness outside the traditional global health sector of the increasing threat and economic disruption posed by a global pandemic.

The chaotic and “horrendously inefficient” early response to the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa that killed more than 11,000 people was the catalyst for the simulations, said Tim Evans, senior director for health, nutrition and population at the World Bank.

“We realized that people were just making it up as they were going along, including us,” Evans said, referring to the Ebola response…

Outbreaks of life-threatening infectious diseases are spreading faster and with more unpredictability than ever.

An unusually large plague outbreak in Madagascar has killed 106 people since August. About 70 percent of the cases are the more virulent form of pneumonic plague that spreads by coughing, sneezing or spitting and is almost always fatal if untreated with antibiotics.

In Uganda, officials are on high alert because of a recently reported outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus that has killed one person and may have exposed hundreds more at health facilities and during traditional burial ceremonies. Marburg is a highly infectious hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola and is among the most virulent pathogens known to infect humans.

Some sort of pandemic will be a feature of the Apocalypse. Everybody is beginning to realize that something is in the air, and these things are picking up. It is important to understand that when it hits, everything that the authorities tell you will probably be a lie, either because they will not know what they are talking about, or because where they do know the truth, it will be so terrifying that they will feel as if they have to lie.

I can still remember seeing on the evening news after 9/11, where Christine Todd Whitman announced that the air around Ground Zero had tested perfectly safe. She sent thousands of First Responders onto the pile, and condemned them to lifelong health problems, rather than honestly warn them, and let them take measures to protect their health – all because she feared that if she had told the truth, people would have panicked.

When ITZ happens, recognize this, and assume everything is a lie. You’ll live longer.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because in a world of lies, truth is invaluable

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4 Responses to Why Has Plague Erupted In Madagascar?

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2. What? says:

October 29, 2017 at 11:25 pm

Don’t count out the likelihood that the globalists actually want a pandemic to occur. As long as they can take measures to protect themselves. Don’t forget that most globalists advocate massive depopulation.


3. says:

October 30, 2017 at 11:40 am

Africa’s definitely going to be an interesting place when everything jumps off, but it also means given the lack of infrastructure, development, and common knowledge that it’ll burn brightest and fastest there first. Exactly the cultural trauma it’ll need to wake the survivors up.

That said, until then I’m not surprised that these people will stick hard and firm to their traditions. Their culture’s foster low trust societies. They’re incapable of trusting someone outside of the context of ease in exploitation for extraction of resources.


4. says:

October 30, 2017 at 12:10 pm

“Authorities” lmao. Those guys aren’t going to do very well if the first responders are too “hands on” with the plague vics. The best bet for LE survival would be to go to ground, hard, at the first sign of this stuff. It’s similar to a FOB getting mortared, you don’t run around out in the open, you can get hit with shrapnel or the mortar crew will zero you. You take cover. Then make yourself useful once the enemies rounds are complete.

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