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Baltimore Murder Crisis
Murderbowl Update 11/2/17

“Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas.”

– Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

"It's damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Isn’t this ironic? Looks like not everyone in Harm City’s black community is happy with the results produced by the new ‘kinder, gentler’ ‘constitutional’ police policy reform, eh? It would seem that some among them would like the ole’ asshole BPD cops to reappear and do some corner clearing. Why is that?

Baltimore Police Overhaul Challenged By Murder Crisis

Baltimore Police Overhaul Challenged By Murder Crisis

Jeremy, this was a very well done article that entirely misses the point, even when they hit the point. Our chief of police mentions that there is more to big city policing than the murder rate. Well, in that respect, things are far worse than he admits. Murders have not even doubled since the Freddie Gray Riots. Since the Purge still still ongoing, and by 2016 had broadened to include blacks as targets, I have seen the following increases in violence that cannot and will not be documented by the police as their reporting procedure scrubs this information from the record:

These are rough estimates based on my own reporting and experience and may be high or low. But since all law enforcement numbers are underreported, reclassified and otherwise juked, my method is the best there is on this subject.

-Attacks on tourists are up X100 since 2012

-Smash and grab shoplifting is X 20 since 2012

-Shoplifting has increased X 3 since 2015

-Black on white beatings and assaults are up X10 since 2014

-Black on black violence is up X 2 since 2015 [a lot of the killings fall under this]

-Mass transit use after dark is 20% of what it was in early 2015

-Attacks on my old broke ass are up X 4 since 2014

My own estimate is that only 1 in 10 non-lethal violent crimes make it into the record, and once there, these numbers are subject to reclassification.

With killings at 298, I am expecting a total for this year of 350. While most of the victims are violent criminals themselves this is not all a bad thing. However, the following trends have emerged and will be quantified at year's end:

-People over 30 are being killed at a higher rate than ever

-Stabbings are on the increase

-Weekday killings are at an all time high

-Daylight killings are on the increase

-Elderly are being killed at a higher rate

These items suggest an increasingly violent criminal class, increasingly younger, increasing alienated, and utterly lacking in human empathy, expressed in blatant pack attacks by youths at the front door of Baltimore County police stations and in the most visible tourist and business centers at peak hours in Baltimore City.

Violence in Baltimore increases even as large numbers of violent criminals have been moved to Baltimore County, where entire neighborhoods now live under a reign of terror, consisting of largely unreported acts of aggression, with the public actually afraid to report criminals.

In the end, the murder rate is such a big deal because it is the only thing the police cannot lie about or cover up.

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HelpfulNovember 2, 2017 9:38 PM UTC

and it's going to get better ....just wait and see

...waiting.....waiting....w a i t i n g......