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Knowing When a Body is Dropped in Bodymore Murderland

You hear a police siren, then another and another, usually three, converging on a certain point, the sounds merging in the distance.

You then hear the helicopter coming on station.

At about this time an ambulance siren can be heard.

Then the helicopter begins chopping air, indicating that it is banking steeply looking for fleeing gunmen or accomplices.

Now more police sirens are heard sporadically, signaling with bleeps and woops, only as they cross intersections and run red lights, these sounds circling the area, like the coughs of some hunting beasts.

The ambulance then speeds off faster than it came, its siren louder than the responding police sirens.

The chopper circles in wider arcs or banks steeply in a definitive direction, the beeps of the prowling police cruisers its terrestrial companion.

Thriving in Bad Places

Kindle Edition

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