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The Knee Check
A Flip Stick-Fighting Move that Works in Boxing Situations


Checkout Tisoy the move where he leans into the lead leg.

I saw a fighter on one of Jake the Snake's events do that and it led to a TKO win.

Take care.

Big Ron

Thanks for this, Ron.

Charles and I both fought a guy that did this knee check and it works well.

The foot check is dicer because you might twist and ankle, so is something the bigger man will do, slap that big foot down.

I also saw this same guy put Charles in an ankle bind and almost break him down.

The simple knee check shown in the video you sent beginning at 1:40 is effective against big men.

If you are taller than your man and at least as heavy you can snake his lower leg by stepping behind his heel with your heel and then levering against his leg with your shin and/or knee. It is not something you would to a bigger guy unless you were stronger and he was clinching with you.

As for Jake Smith's club, in the mid 1990s a man named Nick, who is Thai and fought pro in Muay Thai and worked in an Inner Harbor restaurant, was helping Jim coach boxers at the club. If the guy you saw do this was one of Jake's, he might have gotten it from Nick or Jim, who had been a world ranked Muay Thai middleweight. If not, and it was a out of town fighter, he might have come out of Virginia, where there is some Flip boxing around Norfolk—a lot of U.S. Naval personnel are Filipino. Charles beat the piss out of one of them in 2007 in Chesapeake Virginia.

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