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Fedor EMELIANENKO vs Jeff MONSON (M1 Global)

Jeff Munson actually trained Antifa thugs and has been convicted of defacing national monuments in Washington D.C.

Fedor, to me, always looked like a swimmer who learned how to fight that way. His ground and pound was second to none in Pride. In the Munson fight, against a guy he didn't want to go to the ground with, Fedor puts on a leg kicking and sprawl and brawl clinic.

The window image for the full fight below shows Fedor delivering a straight right just as Ray Robinson and Ali did, which was the best weapon of both men. Look at how he dips his weight down with his knee and gets extension with relaxed rotation. A guy as wide as Munson really cannot do that. Watch Fedor's right hand for his punching balance and also note that he has to go off balance to keep Munson from grabbing him. To deal with such a formidable grappler as Munson, a boxer must be able to abandon his boxing balance and do full sprawls. Squat thrusts are a good exercise to help develop this.

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PRNovember 4, 2017 9:29 AM UTC

I remember when Munson got a title shot in the UFC. He's always been a top-heavy chump who gasses easily. He took about a million pendulum kicks to his lead leg and didn't check any of them, which nullified his ability to shoot. He could barely walk after the fight. I think fight promoters just use him as a guy who can show up reliably and take a beating.