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Civil War?
What is Antifa Up To? A Radio Free Dindustan Report

Civil War Update.

"One of the first lessons that battle impresses upon one is that no matter how large the force engaged, every battle is made up of small actions by individuals and small units."

-General Lucian K. Truscott

“The aggressor always sets the rules of the conflict.”

- Rush Limbaugh

‘Never attack on ground chosen by the enemy."

- Gonzalvo Fernandez de Cordoba, “El Gran Capitán”, The Battle of Seminara, June 28, 1495

"Avoid not only an enemy force of superior strength, but also one of equal strength.”

- Nikephorus [victory-bearer] II Phocas, General, Byzantine Emperor (963 - 969)

“Don’t TELL everyone your marketing plan, execute it!”

-Rush Limbaugh

Journalists keep asking the rhetorical question ‘is America headed toward a civil war?’ Hello! We’re already in a civil war. Haven’t you noticed?

At present it’s a low intensity conflict (LIC) waged between small groups, much like ‘Bleeding Kansas’ 1854-1861 or the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland 1968 -1998. More people are killed and wounded in America’s various social and political internecine squabbles each year than they were in the entire 40 years of the Irish Troubles (3,532 dead and 47,500+ wounded). This is reflection of the fact America is an enormous and diverse country, both geographically and demographically. If you go county by county you will see that America is at once the one of the most peaceful countries in the world and one of the most dangerous. Some American counties experience a lot of crime, terrorism and violence; some none at all. It depends on where you live and what activities you are engaged in for your vocation and /or avocation. For now and for most people this LIC civil war is something that you can choose to participate in or not. Although having said that you can easily have participation forced upon you by the Globalists and their minions through no fault of your own, so always keep yourself aware of what’s happening around you, wherever you happen to be.

Apparently though among those few journalists who have noticed the ongoing conflict some, such as the author of the article below, are left wondering when the other shoe is going to drop?

So when are we going to see tanks in the street , like Detroit 1967?

When are the mortar and artillery barrages going to start?

When are we going to see drone strikes, air strikes and attack helicopters swooping through our neighborhoods?

When will we see refuges on our highways fleeing the fighting?

Anyway it appears Antifa intends to start some trouble on Saturday 4 November, the anniversary of God-Emperor Trump’s election. The Antifa leadership claims they intend to conduct ‘peaceful’ demonstrations. Yeah right! Clearly their intent is to draw out naïve Right-Wing counter demonstrators so they may be simultaneously attacked and portrayed as the black-hearted, racist, fascist villains and threat to public safety for defending themselves in this street theater. With the help of their willing accomplices in the major news media of course. The media cameras will diligently capture the monument when provoked Right-Wingers hit back against the ‘peaceful’ Leftists, won’t they? Antifa hopes for a repetition of Charlottesville no doubt. They hope to see Right-wingers beaten-up, jailed, doxed and generally demonized in the public eye. Notice that Antifa will be conducting these demonstrations in ‘blue’ cities where the powers that be are very sympathetic to the cause of Antfia, BLM , Cultural Marxism, Globalism, et al, and decidedly UNSYMPATHETIC to anybody identified as being on the ‘Right Wing’. What did the man say about not fighting on ground of the enemy’s choosing? We should all be wise to Antifa’s tactics by now. If a hot civil war starts in America’s cities the Globalists intend to blame it all on the “Right-Wing extremists’, so government forces will have to come down on them to restore law and order, natch.

In a new development Ivan Throne and the Safe Streets Project intends to use the Antifa demonstrations to conduct a major intelligence gathering operation. That is to say they intend to identify and dox Antifa members (see the link to the Vox Day blogspot). This plan has merit on the face of it; however, I think it unwise of them to publically announce their intentions and risk putting Antifa on their guard. Have we learned nothing from our perspicacious imperious leader, the God-Emperor Trump, about not revealing the big plan to the press just because they asked you to? Oh well, I do understand that many people, even very smart people, will invariably get diarrhea of the mouth whenever a microphone is shoved in their face. Like Dr. Joy Browne, the radio psychologist, is want to say, we as human beings move toward pleasure and away from pain, but at the same time we would much rather be punished than ignored. We hate being ignored. We all crave those ‘15 minutes of fame’, whether we want to admit it or not. To avoid saying too much under such circumstances takes discipline and an abiding recognition that the Leftist media is NOT your friend, doesn’t support what you want to accomplish and never will.

My advice to you dear Alt-right reader is to stay home on Saturday, 4 November, 2017. Stay in your neighborhoods, suburbs and small towns. Don’t walk into the ambush again. Make it so that the media has nothing to report on but Antifa anarchists running amok in the downtown areas of the big blue cities and nobody to talk to but irate shopkeepers and restaurateurs who cater to the urban hipsters complaining bitterly about ‘black block’ rioters trashing and looting their businesses.

What is most likely to trigger a hot civil war in earnest, and/or a subsequent national breakup, will be the economic collapse that is looming on the horizon. When there is nothing to eat THEN watch people decide they have something really worth fighting for. Prepare for that and don’t risk doing prison time over some avoidable skirmish, something that probably won’t matter even a fortnight from now.

Is Antifa Planning A Civil War To Start On November 4th?

just in Case - Ivan Throne and the Safe Streets Project will be ready for Antifa in case they aren't just bluffing:

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BobNovember 3, 2017 9:40 PM UTC

The subtle means by which whites are being slowly disenfranchised is to me best seen in the case of Mathew Yglesias' assault some years ago. I would argue that his downplaying or denial of the knock-out game as a specifically anti-white attack is mirrored by the press.

I hold that Yglesias was indeed specifically targeted as "white"; his assailant couldn't possibly have known he was Jewish, nor interestingly does Yglesias allude to his Jewish identity in his article.

Can one imagine the same complacency/nonchalance if he were self-identifying as a Jew, ie. wearing a kippah or viewing his attack through an anti-Semitic prism? Remember Crown Heights? There was no downplaying of the racial elements at play on that occasion. Did the authorities give the community short shrift, when the racial identities were evident to all parties?

When Yglesias is targeted as a Jew, on the other hand, there's no equanimity on show:

The message from on high is that whites are dreaming, and need to stop wallowing in self-pity. Jewish mimesis in action.