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Autumn in a Dying City
Why Halloween Must Die

On a metaphysical level Halloween must die because it is a vestige—albeit degraded and maimed by materialistic hatred of ancestors and ghosts—of primal European tradition and everything Native of or descended from Europe must be erased so that a false warning may be erected that palefaces must never again be permitted freedom, autonomy or power.

On a practical level, the positive aspects of Halloween must be done away with year-by-year, for the very reason that this holiday has long been the most civic of holidays, a day when strangers are trusted, the only day of the year in which Americans have traditionally been kind to strangers on an individual level.

The key symbolic social value of Halloween is trust, the only time of the year when children were once sent into the arms of strangers. The misanthropic yearning of some few to victimize children through poisoning has chipped away at this over the course of my lifetime.

Trust has no place in a society that must be kept in sectarian and racial turmoil in order to permit its masters to more completely shackle the collective consciousness and individual mind. All of our rulers, from Left, Right and Center, globalists and nationalists, benefit from the yawning divisions among us. Even the anti-globalist usurper president benefitted from this societal rending in the most basic way, for it placed him in office.

One useful aspect of Halloween has been the use of it to measure the decreased importance of children, the disintegration of community and the increasingly juvenile self-worship of adults. Adult costume parties have overtaken treat-giving to strange children as the primary activity.

The counter-current of Halloween has been imbedded in it from the beginning, as the mask and the expectation of strangers walking the streets have long leant cover to youth hatred of the adult lie which is civilization, as our children know instinctively that we have sold their hopes to mask our fears.

Naturally, as the child race of America—the only demographic that the majority of Americans of all races regard as having no agency, whether as social victim or genetic fool—black Americans, who live predominantly in trustless mayhem and who have been educated by liberal whites to believe that all of their woes are the intentional result of directed white malice, will be drawn to the mask and the invitation to walk trusting streets to express the rage implanted in their minds by media and academia.

For the first time in memory, in Baltimore, Halloween has been notably violent, featuring riot-sized, black mob violence in all of the upscale majority white enclaves, every attack racially directed. This is new, in that the normal 2-5 youth purge packs have, for Halloween week, been scaled up to 10-40 youth mobs. Such mobs have been slowly becoming more common, with mob-sized attacks at 1 a year in 2010, 1 a month from 2013-2016, and in 2017, at least 1 a week. Since 1996,I have defined mob violence as beyond 5, for the simple reason that people being attacked are not reliably able to recall the number of attackers beyond five.

The gravity of the fall of the unnatural, dehumanizing, soul-eating monster called civilization is summoning the white apathy and black animus that will hopefully kill the God of Things as it drools in its drugged slumber.

Corrupted beyond recognition in atheist hands, Halloween will increasingly become an annual riot in majority black cities, where youth impose their will upon their ancestral malefactors on an ever-increasing scale, raising the mob violence bar higher with every year. Be warned, that any and all police plans to combat this will bring more intense raiding, for the police are the symbolic target, which, when attacked and defied, brings hero status to the youth who see themselves as avengers of their persecuted forbearers.

Halloween finally has a sacral meaning in America, the martyr race annually poised to purge the white devils that must be hunted to extinction.

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