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Tun Tun Min vs Dave Leduc, 2nd Rematch, Myanmar Lethwei Fight 2016, Lekkha Moun, Burmese Boxing

Fatmanjudo recommended this fight.

This Leduc is one slippery-hipped character. At 5:59 he throws a kick that is caught and then kicks the guy from the catch to get loose.

Like Jon Jones, his higher shoulder and hip level helps him kick and elbow more effectively.

I really like the way the clinch is used in this sport and that throws are allowed.

If you took away the kicks, this is how LPR bouts were fought 200 years ago.

In bareknuckle boxing elbows were just used to defend.

In ancient boxing, the elbow was regarded as part of the hand and was used but not a lot, because the hand gear was more damaging than what these guys are wearing.

In both sports, hammer fists were common and decisive, and that is really what that spinning backfist is, a spinning hammer. The spinning elbow used by Leduc was in style in the small gloved era of boxing from 1870-90.

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