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'Who's the Alpha Male'
Embracing Tradition: The Rise of Lethwei

Various ancient martial traditions of the West were very like Lethwei, some surpassing it in meaning, brutality and honor [sportsmanship] being the only measures of such meaning.

Comparing Ancient Hellenic Boxing to Lethwei

The rules that hellenic boxing had and Lethwei does not have were: no kicking, no clinching.

The rules that Lethwei has that ancient boxing did not were: no striking downed opponent, rounds, and the possibility of a draw

The rules these arts share are: no biting, no gouging, no scoring, no submission holds, a time out may be called once by each fighter.

Lethwei is just as close to London Prize Ring and ancient Pankration as well. All extinct European arts of brutal masculine expression hold more similarities to Lethwei than not.

This is obviously the most meaningful prizefighting art in current use, an art men of European descent flock to, away from their own commercialized and hierarchal arts.

The men of Burma seem to have recalled the ancient lesson which men of European descent, Filipinos, Thais, Chinese and Japanese have forgotten, that doing away with such purity in the masculine sphere and subjecting it to non-combatant micromanagement, and the social mechanics of greed worshipped by capitalists and libertarians is the death of masculine art.

In the dying West the only fighting arts worth practicing are illegal: bare knuckle boxing, machete dueling, submission stick-fighting.

When the second/referee, put there to protect the fighters from death and foul, begins to judge and multiply and reach into the ring from beyond with the force of law—The Sissy Age which precedes the Fall of Men has dawned.

It is a crime of our kind, a shame on our races: Irish, English, Scottish, American Muttic, Mystery Meat Urbanic, French, Appalachian even, etc., that our young men must search for meaningful combat rites elsewhere.

Many of my readers decry the Fall of the West. But I believe that no civilization ever deserved to fall more than Western Civilization, for one and only one reason, the declaration of a sissy age by the outlawing of mutual combat between men in all but the strictest and most economically viable forms. Nothing screams materialism more than outlawing combat rites, and nothing leads more surely to the eventual extinction of men and their society than for old men and soft women to cast a taboo pal over the thing that ultimately means most to a man. I do not say this as some stud who would be a champion of any combat art, for I could never progress beyond the 50 percentile in high participation combat sports.

This and only this, is why I hate the United States and all but a few other nations. And I do not uphold whatever nations which permit combats such as this as paragons either, for any nation who outlaws the duel is already dead in our ancestor's eyes. This at least though, permitting the fighters the only voice in determining victory, preserves a shred of what it means to be a man.

I empathize with Mister Leduc for the fact that his race abandoned him to the Bitch Machine and commend him for finding a place where manhood is not yet entirely outlawed.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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FatmanjudoNovember 6, 2017 10:48 PM UTC

Found an interesting resource for Muay knuckle heads: Sylvie Von duuglas ittu Muay Thai. She is a white girl who went to Thailand and trained and now has 200 fights. She has videos of herself and her Thai trainers working on techniques and she explains what she is doing as they are working. Definitely can learn stuff if you are not careful. Also she is an interesting character in her own right. Who knows maybe she is a decendent of Hannah Dustin
SeanNovember 6, 2017 2:11 PM UTC

Sounds good. Been out spreading the word so hopefully we will have some new blood soon.
SeanNovember 6, 2017 11:28 AM UTC

Yes please. Where do I sign up? If only we had enough people around willing to do it.
responds:November 6, 2017 5:58 PM UTC

You do some just as dangerous with submission stick fighting and machete dueling. mind you all of this is illegal. If someone dies its manslaughter. What the Dog brothers does is patently illegal.

Now, I'm not in good enough condition to kick or take kicks, so wouldn't last 30 seconds with you in this sport. But after my retirement from supermarket toil I'd be willing to fight you according to LPR or ancient Greek rules in boxing.

There's no way I can win, but I think I have enough left to make it nasty.