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'It's Midnight, Yo!'
Blaamm! Harm City Hoodrats Abide the Truce, Down to the Minute!

Hitting 303, Baby

Jombon: "Yo, some dumb bitchez wan' us not killin' ova da weeken'?"

G-Snow: "Can she cook?"

Jombon: "Sho—she a big fat bitch."

G-Snow: "Do she suck dick?"

Jombon: "Da bitch black, ain' she!"

G-Snow: "Dare you go, Son. Led dat triflin' Taivonius make it tru Sunday..."

That's pretty much what happened, except that Latasha bought it at exactly midnight, Sunday, one minute out of the truce, and homeboy ate his lead at 11:00 a.m. this morning.

All these female-fueled truces have accomplished is to push the shooting to weekdays and daylight.

The D.C. cop was gunned down during the truce, but he wasn't off limits, being a cop and all. So, technically, The Boyz were good to their word.

These truces run from midnight Thursday through midnight Sunday, so killings have begun clustering mid-week.

Turd America

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