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Stark Wisdom from the Checkered Demon

So many nations falling these days, and the part I live in spiraling into Winter. Hard pellets of snow fall straight down like rain, soaking nothing but building layers of ice. Risky footing in the early hours tomorrow when I decide about hooking up the plow to clear the drive, because Winter comes with feints and jabs. Always with the probes, in from nowhere you'd been watching lately with the worst you can imagine. This, I love. My enemy has honor.

As for the ass-hat that shot up a Baptist church in Texas, crap that you'd scrape off your boot. A weasel of the first order and beneath contempt. But a poster boy for your enemy these enlightened days, and he's not the only one. As a recipient of the BCD, Bad Conduct Discharge, Big Chicken Dinner, he is beneath the notice of any reasonable man. They don't hand these things out on whims, and he, as an abuser of his Wife and children deserved it totally. He also deserved it totally when the plumber slipped one in through his armor, then chased his ass down into a ditch.

I wish all our coming trials could arrive at such a cleansing end, but that's just dreaming. It will get so weird you won't believe what is there before you, and then it will become weirder. A keep of this size will take battlements crumbled down into rubble by big guns, backed up by small bore pellets into vital lobes. Essential people will die, but the graveyards are filled with them. The far-seeing glasses will fail and no one man will know. Forlorn hopes will charge the breach, and the tale will conclude.

So how's it supposed to go? Badly or not it will go, and I'm tickled to see it being born. These things often go badly, but they don't have to. A new thing will happen, that's all. None of it matters in the end, for everything that once was is no more, nor ever shall be again. We had our chance to bail out, but died of pride. The union became the gill net we'd seen and we sent our Sons to trim it. And now it fails. And Winter comes on.

Other than that there's some time left for watching the sky and the wind on water, telling the days of other days that were similar. Looking for similarities with anything familiar. Learning Chubby Checkers spoofed his name off Fats Domino. Who knew? And that great Rocker died last week.

C Demon

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