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'The Inner Cut of the Lesser Panties'
Channeling the Khan?

Yes, this here pale, balding ape uttered the above phrase as a lady friend was awakening him from a wine induced slumber. I have often been told that I say strange things in my sleep by women who have lingered too long. This lady thought it was funny and sent it to me by text in case I could not recall what I mumbled while getting off the floor.

This troubled me, being so cryptic. I usually say stuff like "I'm going to kill your men and rape you," fairly easy to analyze. So I consulted the only other guy I work with who has read a book...

Advice from an Occultist Friend

Trent Farrell

You should tell your lady friend that you told an occultist friend about your dream-speaking, and he gave you troubling news. You’re dreaming about the Lesser Pgh’ahnteasth, a type of demon which occupies the hellish realm of Under Ghargh’mehnthsth. They’re often accompanied by Bbragh’jzærh, a type of strong, two-headed support demon, known to defy gravity.

Dreaming of them may mean that you share a psychic connection with their master the slumbering Lord of Under Ghargh’mehnthsth, the Elder God Jhæegh Sthtr’ngh. You might be his instrument here on Earth.

I prefer Trent's interpretation. The idea of The Khan concerning himself with panties is rather unseemly.

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