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Noms de Guerre...
Honor, Sportsmanship, Martial Culture and Disarmament

Lynn Lockhart

I am not sure if these really go together, but this is what has crossed my mind during the last week:

1. Noms de guerre. I am starting to become really attached to my pseudonym, and I use others' pseudonyms in the LaFondiverse, even when I know their real names. You mentioned when you spoke about Gracespeaker that the ancient heroes were given names and we know about the use of street names among hoodrats.

2. Sportsmanship/ Honor. I think you have proposed that this is an Indo-European concept and I don't disagree with that. I do think it is a very fragile cultural value and can give examples relevant to South American culture. I have often thought it was and Anglo-Saxon thing, but perhaps you would disagree with that.

3. Has a population ever clamored for its own disarmament before the way liberals do today? Is it because they don't understand aggression? Do they not trust themselves with weapons? Quote from Scott Adams: Democrats use guns to commit crimes, Republicans use guns to prevent crimes.

4. Trump complimented Japan on their Samurai history—is this significant? Honoring martial culture? Could Japan rediscover its culture?


Lynn, these all fit together well. Let's just go with this outline.

Posting it.

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