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'Poor People Suck'
What Black Lives Matter Must Stop Stefan Molyneux

In this episode the idea that blacks are brutal to their children due to poverty is somewhat off. Poverty is a factor, but in the black population I have encountered, from the bottom to the six-figure end of the economy, only 1 in five women are against beating their children in public.

I have seen many black women beat their children in public.

Where do I get the 4 out of 5 brutal mothers?

By looking at the women watching among the staff and customers in these supermarket situations:

1 woman will beat a child in public

2 woman will cheer her on and justify her actions

1 woman will pretend it is not happening

1 woman will mumble under her breath that this should be done behind closed doors and not in public.

There will be no objection from black onlookers.

I'm solid on black women using man-fight level violence on toddlers in 80% of cases.

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