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Good News Update from Radio Free Dindustan

FYI: I have heard tell of these periodic heists of gun shipments in the Chicago rail yards for close to fifty years now. The powers-that-be have not been willing or able to do much to prevent them. Despite their public remarks about how ‘something must be done’. Rather Leftists politicians are much more interested in restricting gun ownership among the prospective victims of crime. A policy akin to fighting lion predation by confiscating the horns and hooves of the wildebeest.

Felon gets 11 years for stealing over 100 guns in Chicago rail yard heist

Convicted Felon Sentenced to Ten Years in Federal Prison for Stealing Firearms from Cargo Train

Felon gets 10 years for stealing hundreds of guns in Chicago train heist

Durbin: Chicago rail yard must try harder to prevent gun thefts

“You can get more with a kind world and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.”

- Al Capone

"In these modern times, many men are wounded for not having weapons or knowledge of their use."

-Achille Marozzo, Italian Fencing Master, 1536

"The killing of a bad man shouldn't trouble one any more than the killing of a rat or an ugly cat or a vicious dog."

-James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Frontier Lawman

FYI: Logan is a small rural town about 40 miles southwest of Charleston, WV, the state capital. What did the victim do or have to attract the attention of this slat and pepper robbery crew? It’s likely that the white perp fingered the victim as a worthwhile target for robbery for his dindu partners. Was YT paying off a drug debt? Was the homeowner/occupant in debt to the dindus? Was this a stash house raid and the occupants were selling dope out f there home? This is often a reason residences in small towns get hit by home invaders. And of course the occupants have NO IDEA why they were singled out for robbery.

Were these home invaders local hooligans or were they from the ‘big city’? Keep in mind there are many recent instances where dindu robbers traveled considerable distances, a hundred miles or more , to hit lucrative targets deep in Whitebreadistan territory. The Dindus frequently got their target intelligence from white people involved with dindu criminals (usually dope related) who either knew the victim personally or knew of him and his activities. The lesson here is that even if you live in a small town some distance from the evil metropolis do not imagine that a crew of dindu raiders cannot or will not show up at your door some day. Especially if you are supplementing your income by selling dope. The drug dealers in the big city just isn’t as collegial and ‘live and let live’ in their attitude toward competitors as the ones in small towns and college campuses tend to be. The big city dindu dope peddlers are inclined to want to exterminate all competition in their market area. White small town dope dealers are much less likely to seek bloody revenge for getting ripped off too . This story had a happy ending since the victim’s brother showed up with a gun and was able to repel the boarders.

Also in the lesson from North St Louis, if you’re going to pack heat, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a backup (and a backup to the backup, a knife is a good choice); it’s also advisable that if you are going to carry a concealed weapon in public to actually conceal the weapon you are carrying, lest you expose yourself to a gun grab attempt, as happened in this instance. Also if you are a bonafide concealed carry permit holder there is little reason to carry ‘Mexican’, i.e. go with your gun tucked in your waistband. It is an insecure way of carrying, as Plaxico Burress found out. Criminals typically carry handguns this way because they might have to ditch their piece at a moment’s noticed if approached by the police. Being found with an empty holster attached to their belt during a search would just be a dead giveaway to the cops that the suspect ditched a gun somewhere nearby.

The gun fraternity is divided as to the efficacy and advisability of ‘open carry’, even where it is allowed by law. Those for it say open carry can deter crime; those opposed say it will expose you to a disarming attempt and/or cause the robbers to ‘shoot you first’. Who’s right? They both are. Seeing that prospective victims are armed and have the ability to fight back decisively can have a deterrent effect on irresolute offenders and at the same time even going concealed doesn’t make you completely immune to being disarmed if the perp happens to detect your gun (as in the North St. Louis case) or just suspects you are going armed. You simply must be alert to the possibility of gun grab attempts and have a prepared and practiced response to thwart the same. Keep in mind that if a stranger attempts to grab your gun it would be reasonable to believe he intends to shoot you with it and respond accordingly. Disarm attempts happen to cops fairly frequently (In the 1970’s about 27% of police officers killed in the line of duty were shot with their own guns). Actually cops and criminals get disarmed much more often than armed civilians. Both cops and criminals typically must approach and put hands on their opponent in order to do their business (either apprehension or robbery/ molestation). Such proximity offers more opportunities for a disarm attempt. Armed civilians on the other hand are usually more interested in keeping a perpetrator at a distance (as in ‘Stay back or I’ll shoot!’). At that point the perp will often turn and flee rather than risk getting shot. When surveyed convicted criminals always say they are more fearful of getting shot by armed civilians than by the police, as the police will by the nature of their jobs be more restrained as they have to attempt to take suspects alive unless they pose a direct lethal threat to the officer(s) .

Many of the people who practice open carry are of an activist bent and want to desensitize people to the idea of armed civilians in our society. Much as gay rights activists previously engaged in public displays of affection to desensitize the public at large to the idea of same sex couples (‘Get used to it!’). Again, within the gun fraternity there is no complete agreement over whether Leftist style ‘in your face activism’ is the best way to go to promote open carry/gun rights.

UPDATE: Homeowner shoots two during suspected home invasion in Logan

Man Saves Older Brother By Shooting Two of Three Attackers

Man Saves Older Brother By Shooting Two of Three Attackers

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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BobNovember 10, 2017 6:25 AM UTC

27% is huge. Thanks, I had no idea.

Commonsense for sure, but the Weaver stance at close quarters is risky (4:30):