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Germany's End Game
A Radio Free Dindustan Report

Nurse may have killed over 100 patients

Life in Dindustan Update.

The F.B.I. headquarters in Washington. In July, a counterterrorism supervisor for the bureau had his handgun, a $6,000 watch and $60 in cash stolen from his hotel room in North Carolina, according to a police report. Credit Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

After Night of Drinking, F.B.I. Supervisor Wakes to Find a Woman Stole His Gun

Glock 27 Photograph

“Never think the elites don’t know what is coming, and that they are not preparing for it now. What amazes me is they not only know it is coming, they seem it be trying to help it along. As Germany is writing reports saying it will all collapse, they are importing millions of military-aged Muslim males from the most violent and chaotic parts of the world.”

-Anonymous Conservative 11/07/2017

Clearly the elites in Germany are of two minds. Some want to destroy the country (the Left, the globalists) and some want to save it ( the Right, the nationalists). Germany appears to have its analogues to the ‘evil’ party and the ‘stupid’ party just as in America. In America the ‘evil’ party (the Democrats , the Left) wants to destroy the country , raze it to the ground and rebuild a new society on the ruins of the old. The ‘stupid’ party ( the Republicans, the Right) is opposed to the ‘evil’ party, in principle at least, but will do nothing to stop it from wrecking the country. Either way plenty of the elites in both factions can see what is coming, even if they act like they don’t.

The powers-that-be in the German Army appear to expect what is essentially a replay of the various wars of the Seventeenth Century (The Thirty Years War, The Deluge, the English Civil War, The Eighty Years War/ Dutch Revolution, et al), when the social and political order changed dramatically and everyone in Europe was fighting with everyone else, as well as with the implacable Muslim invaders of the Ottoman Empire and the relentless Muslim raiders of its vassals the Barbary Pirate states in North Africa.

Shock German Army report predicts collapse of EU and entire West alliance by 2040

THE complete disintegration of the European Union (EU) and the West over the next two decades is a serious proposition, according to a shock internal report drawn up by the German Army.

German army 'plans for break up of the European Union' in war game scenario

Germany Suspects Apocalypse By 2040 |

Apocalypse Update.

An interesting analysis of the situation in Germany. I believe the author’s take on Mutti Merkel is spot on.

Nicholas Stix: Is the Final Solution To The German Question At Hand?

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Woman sentenced for fiance's river kayaking death

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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