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Man Slapping
A Video Study from Coach Bob

I posted it before, but this clip shows how disruptive slaps can be. No broken knuckles or wrists, either.


Thanks, Bob. Don't bother looking at the last two minutes of this video—it's all comedy.

The second video has Ray Rice defensively slapping his beast wife. My first inkling that almost every person in this country was a completely brainwashed moron, was viewing this video 7 times and finding no indication of a punch, but rather a slap and open hand cuffing of the charging beast woman.

The tell tale sign was no clenched fist after the strike. After Ray's hand travels through her jaw line it is open. If he had punched her his fist would have been compressed by the action and emerged closed by his right shoulder instead of in the closed pimp rest guard.

Ray and a couple of the more athletic slappers in the first video demonstrate superior body mechanics and hip to hand weight transfer by keeping the elbow close to the hip.

The one man on the porch in Europe dips his leg under the slap, bending the knee.

Slapping is the first stage in learning the hook for boxing and the right hand as well. Once learned, on the street slaps should be used rather than punches, unless one is out numbered. I will cover that in another article, as passing is harder with a slap and you need to throw passing hooks against a group, unless you're King Kong.

Slapping the jaw is not as good a force transfer as punching it, but still effective, especially against the narrow-necked.

The place were slapping really comes into it's own, is against the skull. One can slap a skull and KO a man with neck trauma, without bruising his brain or injuring the hand. This is best done with the right and amounts to an energy transfer from your rear foot, through your hip and into your arm, via elbow-hip continuity and into his neck, via hand to head contact.

The Punishing Art

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BobNovember 11, 2017 3:05 AM UTC

Lee Morrison showing how to get some weight into the slap. And, er, "Tyrone" with a Baltimore-talks rendition.