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Were We Not at War
The Checkered Demon Surveying Reportage of the Texas Massacre

I don't know what to make of these things. Already with the second shooter? The FBI is there because it has filaments leading to government somehow, clomping around fouling the crime scene. There is some head-up-assery going on here: 1) I heard he was an Air Force supply guy, and I thought yeah, sounds right for those guys, trying to get a 4 MM wavy washer out of their lazy asses. 2) this guy calls him a Marine, which is different. He may just be speaking carelessly and really not know.

This event seems to be launching at about the same angle as the Las Vegas thing, and I hear this Texas guy is claimed by the Warriors of Islam. I hear all sorts of shit.

I feel so good, knowing the FBI is out there patrolling the beat. It's tough, you know? Just stop in for a blowjob and the bitch steals your piece. Enemies everywhere against the state. These Christians though, gettin' shot up regular by the ragheads. Does Satan think some blindness afflicts the faithful? You'd best pray it does.

In the end, should the end come your way by the efforts of a modern deviant, burning them down should be no problem, if you have means and will.

Were we not at war I wouldn't be so loose with words. I marvel at how so soundly you sleep, the night watch left to a fiction thousands of miles away, while declared enemies join your PTAs and such, loathing you and yours. Thinking how nice it would be to kill all you love.

You seem to want to go quietly, so God bless you.


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BobNovember 10, 2017 7:26 PM UTC

There are some perspicacious comments appended to this article, skeptical of the whole story. Gladio, strategy of tension, etc..