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Oh, Snap!
Hoodrat Home Invader Killed with own Gun

The tragedy is, that this will not go into the crime database as a home invasion but as a burglary—an armed burglary, of which there is no such thing. The important thing to take away from this is the media defending and misrepresenting the "armed burglar's" home invasion as a burglary "gone wrong" and the obvious police department concern that their officer will be lynched in the media. Baltimore is a town where a man who breaks into your house and puts a gun to your head as you are sleeping, is characterized as a burglar by police and media! Burglary is a nonviolent crime that is supposed to be committed against unoccupied property. And armed burglar is therefore a property criminal, armed for defensive purposes, accidentally stumbling upon a violent occupant.

I used to coach in this neighborhood, once went through a streambed with my son hunting for frogs in the mid 1990s. Currently, this area of Northeast Baltimore is receiving criminal immigration from two sources. Black criminals from the Hopkins and Highlandtown corridor of East Baltimore are being displaced to the northeast by Latino immigration and expansion of gentrification around Hopkins, with that hospital buying up real estate for staff housing. The other source is the bus line [previously the #5 and no relabeled, which connects Mondawman [the epicenter of the 2015 Riots] with Cedonia, a neighborhood within walking distance of Rosedale where numerous homeowners have been murdered in recent years

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VIDEO: Off-Duty Baltimore Police Officer Kills Armed Home Intruder

20-year-old Darius Miller Jr. was shot and killed with his own gun after trying to rob an off-duty Baltimore police officer.

Police: Off-duty officer disarms burglar, shoots him

Baltimore police identify alleged burglar fatally shot by off-duty police officer

Burglar fatally shot with own weapon in Baltimore.

By Personal Defense World on October 31, 2017 VIDEO: Off-Duty Baltimore Police Officer Kills Armed Home Intruder

An armed burglary suspect was shot and killed after breaking into the home of an off-duty Baltimore police officer last week.

WBAL says the officer was asleep at his house in northeast Baltimore at around 11:30 a.m. on Monday morning when the suspect—later identified as 20-year-old Darius Miller Jr.—broke in, accosted him with a gun and started demanding money.

“The police officer was a victim of a burglary. He wasn’t working, didn’t have his body-worn camera on. He wasn’t responding to a call for service,” Baltimore police Capt. Jarron Jackson said.

A struggle ensued, during which the officer managed to wrestle Miller’s weapon away from him and shoot him with it. Afterwards, the officer called 911, and Miller was transported to an area hospital where he died of his injuries. The off-duty officer was uninjured. The handgun used by Miller was recovered by police at the scene.

The officer—who won’t be identified because he was off-duty when the incident occurred—has been placed on routine administrative duty pending the results of the investigation into the shooting.

Miller, meanwhile, has a huge rap sheet that includes convictions for armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and car theft. He was actually due in court two days after his death for violating probation related to past offenses. In 2015, Baltimore state Parole and Probation officials named him as “the state’s most dangerous supervisees,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

Police don’t believe Miller and the officer had any interactions before the break-in.

“We think the suspect decided to break into his house, not knowing it was an officer, not knowing this would be the end result,” Jackson said.

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