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Victim Selection Gone Wrong!
And Other Tales of a Decaying Nation

The rule of three holds true among white meth-heads as well.

Most robbery and theft in rural Whitebreadistan is perpetrated by people with expensive drug habits. Meth-heads are some of the most dangerous offenders, since they are more likely to execute aggressive and violent crimes like armed robbery. More so than heroin/opioid abusers. The Meth-heads are also more likely to eliminate witnesses to their crimes and to resist arrest with weapons.

KSP: Elderly homeowner shoots, kills man during home invasion

In Baltimore this would have been classed as a burglary gone wrong.

Bitchez be Crazy update.

Menthols…good as gold…

Deputies search with K-9 unit for woman after armed robbery in Janesville

A catastrophic failure in the victim selection process in CHIRAQ: real gun beats pellet gun.

Suspect Shot After Using Pellet Gun In Attempted Robbery On South Side

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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