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'At Square One of My Life'
The Evil, Misogynist, Vector of the Ancient Caveman Patriarchy is Consulted by a Young Babe?

I really liked the podcast!

Repeat After Me, There Is No Such Thing As A...

I tried to ask my step dad if he ever thought about conspiracy theories, but then two men kissed on TV, and he is a total homophobe. It was right as he was saying he’s an open minded person—perfect timing.

I’m kind of going through a weird mindset right now. I feel like I’m at square one of my life all over again. I don’t mean to bog you down with my problems, but do you have advice?


Why, meatheads of the nether space ask, is this washed up trial horse advising a young woman?

Why, should not this be the time to channel The Khan?

Though Man Gearing is about being a man, it is fundamentally not only about men, but is also about the women who depend upon them and also about children, both of whom need men more than men need men.

Over the past ten years I have had nine young women, from cute to gorgeous, make themselves available to me sexually. I declined in every case for a variety of reasons. In this case, even had Darla so made her self known to me, I would decline out of respect for the mutual acquaintance who introduced us. Yes, I find young women attractive—especially when they are attractive! But at my age, young women are a chance to practice grand parenting for my granddaughter, and to fill in for my father in the case of my niece.

We live now in a world where young women have been cast into competition—instead of union—with young men. There middle aged mothers are busy still trying to define themselves as non-gender people or in a career, or maybe cougaring it up with third string NFL players. For the attempt to place women in men's roles has done the same thing to American women which engagement with the soulless—yet worshipped—economic engine of materialism has done to middle aged men, spit them out in middle age in a "crises" state of identity shock, generally in no state to mentor young people.

Briefly, I know that Darla has a father who is a skirt-chasing, selfish punk who was incapable of parenting a girl who was the same age as the young women he preyed upon as sexual commodities. Her grandfathers have passed away. Her mother is a second generation feminist, married to an ex-military Trump stumper, the household stressed to the breaking point during last year's election, both acting parents so stressed by their own Gen-X lives to realize that their daughter has it even worse in terms of socio-psychic dislocation.

I answered Darla—who I talked to on the same day I visited Megan and her daughter and granddaughter, the subject of the next article on the screen, on grand parenting—when she apologized for taking up writing time helping her think her situation through, that doing it as an article would take care of both issues as one, and I would post it here for her use.

Square One

Darla, Square One is where I will be in 11 weeks, unemployed, uneducated, unaccredited, an outcast and pariah among family and current coworkers, virtually a non-person by today's measure—and I can't wait. Walking off the economic cliff is always invigorating.

First, as you consider your recently quit job—congratulations:

Quitting a job is up there for me with the birth of a son, the winning of a fight, the survival of a violent crime.

My first quitting experience was gloriously worth the 10K pay cut. 11 years, 2 months and 8 days was too much.

My second quitting experience, after 15 years, felt good, because I did it the right way, burned no bridges.

The quitting of my management job felt like a rebirth, a phoenix rising in my being.

The job I am quitting now, in a fashion that goes way above and beyond "doing the right thing" in which I am training my replacement, even constructing a job description for him, feels bittersweet. I am leaving something I do better than most others, which strikes at my ego, though not as hurtfully is giving up fighting, which felt like suicide.

What I am pointing out here, is that I have a reason for feeling low, for I am starting anew with a failing body, fading mind and flagging spirit. Even so—I get to be born one more time and am quite looking forward to it. In the Modern Field of experience, which is to say Civilization in its most decadent and debased form, we are only supposed to be reborn once, from child to instant adult.

We are not guided through a transformative youth like barbarians past, but cast out of the cradle directly into the slave-mind workplace, filled with the bitterness and sloth of discontented, fearful and jealous slave minds. Our modern life model is to work under the same dreary conditions for 40-50 years, eventually terminating in lingering illness, dementia and warehousing in elder slave coops.

Darla, the world you were born into has no other purpose assigned for you than to be devoured spiritually until your soul has been completely digested and only your body—still billable for medical purposes—remains. The only way to win is to keep from being devoured by this beast. You can't fight it. Democratic politics were invented to trick you and your step dad into thinking you can fight it. Despite what you've been taught, you can't change the world. But you can keep the world from warping, twisting and consuming you. Politics is really The One Ring in Tolkien's mythos, the more you use it the more of your being is brought into shadow, which is to stay extinguished in a devouring way. Your step dad is becoming a wraith—but wouldn't it have been nice for Frodo if he had a friendly wraith looking out for him?

In essence, that was Smeagle's role in the story.

Step Dad

At this point, we have a juncture where you and your step father can come together. The man he fanatically supports effected his own rebirth, a radical transformation of his role in the world from manipulator, to parasite, to political crusader. All such political crusades in our current world order are so complex and contradictory as to boggle the mind, with any candidate necessarily embracing good and evil. In other words its a trap. But among all this skullduggery, in the shadow of this president and every other president back to 1981 ordering and glorifying the firebombing of children in their beds, in nations you may not know exist, in your supposed name, there is this...

The female candidate that the current president defeated in the election, wanted to raise death taxes to 75%, indeed, was willing to publicly begin supplementing the rape of the elderly dying in old age homes with their gross despoiling at death. Because of gender and age you and he will never agree on a packaged ethical or political ideal, especially since such packages are presented to us in such a way as to encourage our division.

Instead, I suggest you form a bridge on such common ground by mentioning to him how nice it is that your grandmother's possessions won't be confiscated upon her death, since we have a populist president. That is your other in with him. Trump is not a Republican. The Republicans hate him. If you can acknowledge that, there is another step towards finding a few things you can agree on. The odd thing is, where in generations past the father tended to support the establishment, tended to hold the big government machine in high esteem, you are now the one defending such social norms as homosexuals and your elder is the subversive thinker, as the rules have been changed on him and he is consequently embittered. From his perspective the world is now the ethical opposite of what it once was and this is very upsetting for him. So don't dwell on such things that cannot be agreed on between you and let it pass as an eccentricity on his part.

This is important because that man is the only potential defender you have if someone kicks in your front door. You should make silent concessions to his eccentric politics as a means of insuring his attachment to you. It is not hard for a young lady to get any man to be protective of her. Don't argue with him about his politics. [I give the same advice to men about discussions with women] Bring him a beer and find one thing you can agree with. Men and women have different ways of looking at the world. The primary reason I think we were both put into the same political pool is to sow division in the home, as the family and two-parent household are counter to the interest of the State. If you look at many Native American societies, particularly the ones that were native to this part of the country, you will find strict division of gender roles, with a feminine sphere and masculine sphere overlapping, rather than our current model of one shared sphere. Those societies, while not perfect, and often extremely violent towards outsiders, had very little internal violence and lasted for thousands of years, where our society is coming apart at the seems in a mere 200 and has feature epidemic levels of internal violence throughout its history.

More importantly, looking to a future living with a man of your own, use this knucklehead as practice cohabitating with the alien gender. Believe me, you will never be satisfied with a relationship with the kind of guy who would see the world as you do and have your sensibilities, because he'd be a sissy and you don't want that.

Your Rebirth

You just walked away from a shitty job where the boss was a whining sissy and the other women in the office resented you for being beautiful. Look into working in a primarily male workplace, if you choose to stay in an office space. If not, go into a trade where your looks will be an asset for dealing with women. Women like to be waited on by prettier women than they, it makes them at least feel some power over you and they really like having a pretty hair dresser, because they go to her to work on their own appearance.

Darla, your education was a lie. You were told by all—probably not including your wise grandmother—that you were going into a world where you would be judged by the content of your character and the quality of your accomplishments. However, both of these just make you hated. Most people are liars, therefor most people hate the honest and honorable.

Whatever your talents and skills are, you know them and I do not. However, you are walking round in a package that most men want to unwrap. Recognize and use that rather than ignore or abuse it. Learn how to separate out the lechers who will impede you, the sissies that will cling to your personality, the half men who will seek to acquire you as a goal, and the real men whose first instinct is normally to protect, rather than acquire you. Practice dealing with step dad as a training course on sorting out men. Talk to your grandmother about men—not your mother! You need to be able to identify the men who rule, strike fear into, counsel and outdo the other men. This will secure your workspace and eventually your own home space. The world ahead of you will get more violent by the year in ever more locations. Unless you are the kind of girl that will be the next UFC champion, you need a bodyguard and home defender.

Darla, economically, the world ahead is going to change so drastically that whatever job you had won't be a viable trade decades from now and whatever line of work you get into tomorrow will probably pass into history in your middle years. So the skill you need to develop is navigating the new and right now, you have the perfect chance.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Jeremy BenthamNovember 11, 2017 8:52 PM UTC

“He is happiest, be he king or be he beggar, who has peace in his home.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German Philopsher, 1749-1832

“An SDS radical once wrote, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” In other words, the cause of a political action – whether civil rights or women’s rights – is never the real cause; women, blacks and other “victims” are only instruments in the larger cause, which is power.”

-David Horowitz, Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model

That’s the thing to remember in disputes between individuals, especially family members, the issue being discussed, whether its politics or whether Fords are better than Chevys, isn’t the real issue. The real issue is about who is going to get their way and who is going to be forced to back down. It’s about power and dominance. It’s about feeding the ego and about being ‘right’, never admitting you are wrong and, more importantly, about forcing the other person to acknowledge that you are right and they are wrong. Which never happens between family members or other people who consider themselves social equals, does it? So the argument never ends. Women have just as big an ego in this as men do, they just show it in a different way. Of course feminism is nothing but Leftism. It is about causing strife in the class enemy’s camp to bring about the toppling of the social order so the Communist/Globalist/Left can take power and remake society the way they see fit. Feminists teach women that to be a ‘strong woman’ they must be disagreeable and dispute everything a man says, whether it makes it makes any sense to do so or not. She must ‘win’ the argument, force the man to back down and admit he is wrong. Which, unless the man desires the woman as a sex partner, he is not going to do. In disputes between men, a man has to watch what he says if he doesn’t want to get into a fist fight, but women don’t have this burden (at least among whites) so they can get as insulting and vituperous as they please if they think it will help them win an argument. This tendency to take cheap shots makes these ‘strong women’ especially obnoxious and unpleasant to be around. There is just no honor for a man in fighting a woman, no matter what the venue. If you win you’re a bully and if lose you’re a sissy. Now it can be difficult to get along with people who insist on being disagreeable and irrationally contentious, even if you are trying to be the bigger person, the peacemaker. Sometimes all you can do to keep the peace is to distance yourself from that person. Even when they are a close relative. Like James says, that is undoubtedly why in past societies men and women were separated by custom into different spheres of activity and responsibility. Where I live one notices that many couples who have been married for a long time, like 40 years or more, are seldom in the same room together. Normally grandma is always in the kitchen and grandpa is always in his workshop. They seldom have anything to squabble about that way.
PRNovember 11, 2017 3:08 PM UTC

The easiest way to build a bridge with him is to sit with him while he's doing some activity and keep your mouth shut. He will enjoy youre presence. Bring him a beer or two. Men do not say very much.

For a man of her own, should find a tradesman who isn't into drugs. Engineering is dominated by men who can't defend themselves and don't want to have a lot of kids, at least on the West coast. Firemen and cops are probably another good choice. Or servicemen in a technical rating. I was an officer and am not a huge fan of officers.

There are men in church. The good ones are snatched-up quickly.

"Men and women have different ways of looking at the world. The primary reason I think we were both put into the same political pool is to sow division in the home, as the family and two-parent household are counter to the interest of the State"

I could not agree more.
FatmanjudoNovember 11, 2017 9:27 AM UTC

Skinnywomanrunner and I could not be politically more different. But we still get along. How? I accept the fact that she is wrong and make no attempt to convert her to the fmj ethos. She does not try to keep my knuckles from dragging on the ground. Politics is an illusion. Politicians don't care about you and will sell you out when convenient. Thus, you should not allow imaginary loyalties to effect your real world loyalties. No politician will ever loan you money when you are in need, take you to the hospital when you are in pain, give you food when you are hungry. Does it really matter then which wing of the American bird of prey is ascending in your personal life. When someone starts to rant about politics listen and deflect with humor. Do not invest any emotion in a political party. They are energy vampires.