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Masculine Viewing
Where Does a Man's Visual Orientation Place Him on The Masculine Planes?

The man who has attained transformation, as a hero lives beyond his flesh—even if just in a story.

The heroic plane, is the higher order of action beyond ethical, racial and other divisionary states too which the warrior aspires.

The ethical detachment from his base animal nature enables a man to forge himself into a warrior [taker of mortal risks for a higher cause] and strive on the higher plane.

Most of humanity, most soldiers even, most athletes, act only on material [physical, not simply economic] considerations. This is the man for whom a woman is only valued as flesh to copulate and a trophy to be paraded.

Outer vision [eye sight], in the materialist is confined only for acquisitive reference.

Acting on the masculine planes above the material concerns [safety, comfort, longevity, satiation, possession] sight is used to reflect and cultivate a more informative insight, either considered or predictive.

Men with their orientation to binocular vision are more obvious in regarding others than women with their better peripheral vision, and, although by nature far less materialistic than women, are assumed to be the more materially addicted gender based on this gross observation. This can only be possible in an emasculated society in which men hoard. Agamemnon and later king Hrothgar are mythic warnings that hoarders become womanized.

I recall my lady-loving friend Ajay snickering at my obvious appreciation of women as she used her better peripheral vision to scope out the babes.

I have experienced most women and many [but no most] men say the following, when they see me look at an attractive woman, watch a belly dancer on You Tube, comment on how pretty a certain lady is, etc.:

"Why look at her? You are wasting your time. She's married, she lives in Brazil, she's rich, she's too young, etc."

This reflects base materialistic thought.

Just as the grossly materialistic protestant looks at a saintly image or even a pagan idol and thinks that the worshipper is worshipping the material image before him, when he is in fact using it as a mirror to God's Eye, as a meditative aid in reflecting upon the incomprehensible possibilities beyond his own power, the woman, the emasculated man, seeing me watching Miss Kushnir do the same dance for the 100th time, think that I am lusting after her, that I somehow have a misguided plan to get my hands on her—that I might be planning a clandestine meeting with Ron West in Prague so he can get me on a train to the Ukraine...

No, I have no desire for this distant dancer beyond enjoying her dance, a dance which men of my race might have looked upon 10,000 years ago, and I remain captivated by how beautiful a woman can be doing womanly things, where our beauties must fight and grunt like men, parade like haughty whores or pose like statues of the dead.

The materialist, cursed to live the worm's life of the leaden soul on the material plane, cannot even access the lowest of transformative [1]masculine planes and denies the existence of any plane of being above the insanity of mindless masculinity, or taking any risk not favoring material gain, of boxing for instance, when he could safely play basketball.

Visually Man is the hunter, the waiter, the observer, who watches, enjoys and studies many more animals than he seeks to kill. Indeed, the hunt for a woman is fundamentally different. If I were to meet Miss Kushnir, were young enough to warrant her attention and had the ambition of her company, I would ignore her and speak to some fat woman. The hunter does not chase a woman, but snares her.

I watch the video below every Friday afternoon—caveman church I suppose. Watching her dance, I have never thought of having sex with her or another woman, but have either drifted into an idiot trance or a waking dream of leaning against a wagon wheel and watching her dance by firelight, in a world when men were young.


1. This is not to deny the feminine their own plane of transformative action, only that I see gender distinctions on the transformative level, as our flesh vessels differ crucially and must therefore effect the nature and progress of our journey. The current trend to force women onto the masculine plane and men into the muck, is doubly destructive and more fully abandons chances for feminine transformation than masculine.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Ruben ChandlerNovember 12, 2017 3:11 PM UTC

Ah..................Black Magic of the best songs ever written by....................Fleetwood Mac................back when they mattered!